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GP Nurse Asthma Review

hi all,

rant comming sorry,

i have just had my review with my asthma nurse at the surgery over the phone as, 1 its snowing and 2 she is so hard to get appt with, and basically all she wanted to know was i still seing hospital cons, doh, read the letters, and to up date my repeat prescriptions.

not once did she ask how i was or if things were ok, when i told her i have been off my S/c for 2 months, she didnt accknoledge the massive achievement, she was just ' you know we have to do this'

she said she saw i had had many a+e visits reciently but didnt ask about them!

i know she knows i am very knowledgable, but she could have at least shown some interest,

i would have been really ticked off if i had made the effort to go out into the snow to get to her appointment.

Having attended one of the Department of Health events in december i made a point that these type of asthma reviews should be made more relevant, we should be asked more specific questions, such as , how we are?, are we able to do all we normally do? can we do all our normal everyday activities that everyone does? etc, and surley if i have had so many admissions, we should at least have discussed it!!

from my point of view the review was a wast of my time, she was just @ticking boxes'

i hope the rest of you are well and keeping warm,

good luck with any reviews,

george xx

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Hi George,

My GPs surgery used to ask me to attend to tick boxes etc but we used to have a five minute chat about the fact that I knew more than the asthma nurse about brittle asthma in a light mannered way, quick weight, height and PF ( rubbish! LOL) and that was it. Though if I did need support I would ask them or phone the resp nurses at the hosp. I am sure she would be helpfull if I asked but as she admitted that she doesn't really know that much about the complicated meds for brittle asthma we leave it at that. They have resited problem s/c needles in the past for me esp R arm if only site left to use!

They don't call me now and haven't for the last few years.....

They should at least show some interest in difficult asthma even if you do know more than them!

She should have at least shown some interest that you have reduced your meds as the aim of asthma reviews and nurses is to keep asthma under control with the least amount of med!

Sorry you have had a bad experience!




PS Been off s/c since May!


I was lucky my asthma nurse was supportive and even recognise the non wheezers. But as I attend hospital clinic every 3 months. It's left to the hospital for asthma review as ""they are the expects"" and won't touch treatment plans. More than can be said about gp. Who just says I'm short of breath cos I'm fat due to prednisolone. Say keeps reducing my prednisolone dose so I loose the fat but end upon hospital with asthma. After last incident hospital where writing to him regarding his management of my prednisolone. So hoping nxt gp visit he's had the letter


My gp wont have anything to do with my asthma appart from issuing me with reapeats. The nurse dosnt bother seeing me! If I get a chest infwection thats fine the hospital closest to me dosnt change things when I am there they just send me to see specilist not easy when I'm in wiltshire ans hes in Brum.... I have had to wait 3 mounths for a review..... luckly enough I had built up a supply of steriods and extra drugs to add in!


GP Nurse


It was the nurse at the doctors that told me about this site, I must say that they have been very supportive and helpfull and really does want to know how I feel when I go there.

I hope you are all well.


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