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Hello I'm new

Hi everyone. I have stumbled across this website whilest researching the side effects of a new treatment my consultant wants me to try & wish I had found it many moons ago! You all seem very freindly and helpful.

I am 34 & have asthma since i was 21. I am currently on countless meds including daily pred 25mg,regular nebs, montelukast & uniphyllin. Have recently tried Methotrexate which made me incredably ill so had to stop. Also tried Azathioprine but recently has an abnormal smear test and I now need a colcoscopy & treatment so stopped them straight away(know it was probably a coincidence but side effects state ""cervicl cancer!"") Now consultant wants me to try cycsporin once all my colcospcopy treatment finished.

Any advice about it? Don't know whether the side effect of cycsporin or any of these group of drugs is worth it for benefit I might get?


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Hi there welcome to auk. Sorry to hear your asthma is bad at the moment and you have other health problems. Hope you find the answers to your questions. Takecare sadwheezer.


Welcome to the forums.

We are all a friendly bunch here.



hi and welcome. ive only just joined this site too and am new to asthma but i just wanted to say that i hope you can find the info you need here. im sorry about the other health issues and i hope you can get them sorted effectively really soon. take care.



Newbie needed reassurance

Can anyone help me please? Can asthma get worse at night and on lying down? the tightness in my chest gets worse but is relieved when sitting up making sleeping difficult.



Thankyou for your pm. I wanted to reply but your profile says you have opted not to receive private messages. Just didn't want you to think I was ignoring it.

Take care



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