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I have an annoying non-productive tickly cough at the moment (along with blocked sinuses), I cant seem to soothe it or get rid of it, and coughing only stops it tickling, once I stop coughing, its back again! Similarly, taking in a big breath of air seems to soothe it for a second or two. My chest and throat are now sore from all this coughing! If I take a good few puffs of old blue, it seems to release something which allows me to cough something up thus getting rid of the tickle. Anyone had this before??

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  • Hi

    I know this is doubtful at your age, but are you on any blood pressure medication? They are known to cause an annoying tickly cough.

  • Thanks for the suggestion valj, but no I'm only on my asthma meds.

    It's just wierd how Ventolin seemed to release mucus from off my chest.

    The cough is getting more productive now anyway, and heading further down into my lungs now so its not quite so tickly. pf has dropped a bit more now though, don't know why? Will keep an eye on it!

  • If your cough is really impacting on your life pop back and see your GP. I have been plagued with a cough for weeks because of my Asthma and was exhausted, whilst it is frowned upon for Asthmatics to use off the shelf cough suppressants, GPs can in the most extreme cases prescribe something to help. In my case codeine! I only had to use it for a couple of days and of course closely monitor myself, it was a godsent!

  • BooBoo - hope you've managed to arrange an urgent appointment at the GP/Asthma Nurse, it sounds as if the silly cold along with the paint fumes and the grass cuttings have given you a chest infection, especially if what you are coughing up is nasty tasting. sending hugs from the Isle of Man. i know about not being able to relocate offices, i work in administration for our local department of health too!

    it's not unusual for me that Mr Blue releases the mucus from the coughing, i think it's to do with the bronchodilation action, slightly expanding the lung tubes, which in turn allows the migration of the mucus up the tubes to cough up. Mr Blue also helps ease the coughing for a bit when i have a chest infection.

    really hope that you start to feel better soon. rest on your days off please! :)

    take care xx ><>

  • Hiya. I have similar problem. I've had a cough on and off for about 3 months. Like you I find old blue helpful but also I drink a lot of warm drinks - like a fruit based tea (caffeine free) or hot honey and lemon. This seems to ease the irritation for a while.

    Hope this helps.

    Cookie x

  • Thank you for your hugs spiritedstream! I'm really annoyed actually, I went to the GP for a follow up of a different problem this evening, and thought while there I could mention about my cough and asthma flare up, but she said she was running behind, and that I would have to make another appointment. I tried to make an appointment but I cant get in until next week. I did mention that I was having an asthma flare up but they said if it was urgent I should go to a&e, but I know I am not that poorly. So I'm at a loss as to what to do. Fortunately I have a good stock of ventolin, so might just have to ride it out till next week.

    Anyway, I'm glad its not just me with ventolin realeasing the mucus, I guess it makes sense about the action of the broncodilator. It just feels like I have a mucus straitjacket on, which closes my airways makes me SOB and my chest hurt, and when I take 4-6puffs of ventolin, I turn into a hacking mucus machine!!

  • Hi

    Please be careful as I get chest infections every 4-5 weeks and continuously cough all the time. I kept pushing myself to keep going as normal and then getting antiobiotics and preds when not clearing up.

    However this has back fired and I am now on my 3rd week of being off work on the sick. I had been coughing so violently for weeks that I ended up in A & E after straining and pulling all intercostal and chest muscles, (think the doctor called it pleuratic muscular pain). The pain was horrendous and I would never want to experience it again. I ended up on liquid morphine as tramadol and co-codamol didn't even touch the pain. It has taken the 3 weeks for chest to calm down and allow the muscles to recover.

    Hope you get sorted soon, and take care, Gill.

  • Ooo riles, that doesn't sound good, hope your on the mend now. I will keep an eye on things and see the gp next week, I'm sure things will clear up over the weekend though, usually do the minute you actually get to see the doc!

  • Hmm, things still not improving, keep getting chest tightness and sob out of the blue even when sat doing nothing! Waking me up at night too, not good. Pf still 65-70% too. Fortunately 4-6 puffs of Ventolin help the tightness, but still got the chesty productive cough. Don't think its a chest infection though, coz its not a funny colour! Definately on to the docs in morning. If I had an asthma action plan I'd know what to do, but I don't so don't have a clue!

  • Hope you're both on the mend as this doesn't sound good!

    BooBoo, I am with you on wanting an action plan. I have no idea what to do in between cons appts and it's annoying me that I have no way of shifting Steve the snake! OOH were not that much use last time as they just asked what I thought I should do.I hope your dr is a bit more use than that and comes up with something helpful.

  • I've got what seems like the same problem. I had a couple of colds fairly close together. I'd not recovered from them when the pollen kicked in. Got fexofendine last week, but its not really helped a lot (not sure why, it was a godsend last year).

    Tight chest, very breathless, non-stop productive cough (GP says no infection). Lungs feel awful. PF all over the place, the ventolin is working well but not for very long and so I'm having to take masses of it.

    Can someone do a rain dance, am not feeling up to it! Maybe it'll help us both?

    I hope you feel better soon!

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