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Air Travel

I may have the opportunity to go to new york towards the end of February

The longest i have travelled on a plane is an hour and a half My asthma always flares up after journey and i am recovering from shingles at the moment Its a working conference for a week (The flight is 8 hours long)

how much would travel insurance cost?

I dont know whats the best to do to go or not to go to put my health at the top of the list or a working conference ???

Any suggestions


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I'm afraid i don't have the answer to your question - but I have a few of my own along the same lines - hopefully someone knowledgeable will answer us both!

I'm due to fly for the first time since being diagnosed (London to Copenhagen) and I don't know if it will affect my asthma. I use symbicort 200/6 2 times morning and evening plus bricanyl as i need it (a couple of times a week) so I'm now well under control - but will flying have a bad effect on me?

Also - and slightly unrelated - should i get a medicalert bracelet? Although the asthma is under control I'm felling vulnerable when I'm out and about. (and more so at the thought of going to the Baltic in the summer.)

Thanks in advance for any help!


I don't really know about insurance except to say that when I fly to Australia my travel insurance doesn't cover me for asthma or my mental health probs. You can probably find companies who will cover your asthma but the policiy will be expensive. Knowing what America is like for health costs though I would be wanting a policy to cover my asthma.

Flying wise even with flying to Australia I manage ok with my asthma and I take 2 puffs of beclametasone and salmeterol morning and evening, and ventolin as required. In 3 visits I haven't noticed any problem with flying. I did manage to contract a lung infection when I was there over Christmas but that was nothing to do with the flying.


health insurance covering ashtma is normally high - there are a few posts on here about that already if you search for them. Regarding the flying bit - i would speak to either your GP or your consultant and ask them - my consultant has worked with me to put in place an asthma management plan for flying - which includes the dreaded pred but it seems ot help, I don't want to put the detail tho as it may not suit everyone, so I would say speak to someone who knows your asthma, as they will be able to help - they did with me!

Good luck


Try the Post office, they have a good medical screening.

Not investigated costs for the US but they an be higher than the rest of the world.

What meds are you usually on?

It is things like pred & nebs that push up the cost along with admissions to hospital within the last 3 months etc.

If you feel you want to go, GO! Health is a priority but getting on with life is also important. Also are you going to enjoy the conference?

As long as you are careful and have a management plan you should be OK.

I have been on two eight hour flights with 2 hrs in between and was more or less OK. Left UK in the cold, landed in tropical temps, then landed again in the cold!

Hope this helps



up date on air travel

hi everybody

just to let you know whats happening i made an appointment with my resp cons and he said to me enjoy the trip to new york and in the next sentance he wants to take me in for ? bronchospy when i come back (i wont have time to think about It) as i suffer a lot with my sinuses he advised me to take 2 sprays of otrivine day before flight and 2 sprays of otrivine before flight also nasosal (saline) spray, and flixonase 2 nasal sprays at night.

He also advised me to get a flight travel mask. so im well nasaled out

i have all inhalers and medicines ready (Thats the first thing that i did) Checked out my travel insurance and got out a global insurance)

also planning ahead is very important, checking to see room is non smoking, forecast, walking long distances or standing for long periods affects me so i have arranged to be transferred by wheelchair if needs be

so all i have to do is pack my case( and bring along my partner as my carer)

I cant wait!!!!!!!



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