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When I first developed asthma as a child in the 1950's there were no sprays that could stop an attack in its tracks-merely a slow-acting pink tablet which I guess must have been an early form of salbutomol.For years now I've been using the same brown and blue sprays to prevent and stop attacks,but I've noticed that a friend's GP has given him more sophisticated versions-including one that propels the spray .Am I missing out?

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Hi John

The inhalers you have are what the majority get, and the different ones you mention that propel the spray are for those who struggle to use the standard inhalers that you have. Most of the active ingredients are the same.




there are different forms of inhalers available depending on the drug of course.

some of them include :

there is the Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI) pressing the canister and inhaling, one of the most common forms of an inhaler

turbohaler which you twist and inhale the powder

accuhaler you have to pull to click the side and inhale the powder


the autohaler where you click the top and when you are ready to take the medication you just inhale it,

the easibreathe where the you simply open the inhaler from its cap and inhale without pressing anything.

Depending on the drug you have been prescribed,and what form is the easiest to use and get optimum amount of the drug into your lungs that will be the inhaler given to you.



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