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Asthma Nurse

Hi, hope everyone is well

I was in with my GP today for a change of meds, which was fine, but she's mentioned in passing a few times about seeing an Asthma nurse about once a year but hasn't told me anything about how to go about it. I don't need to see one soon or anything but I've heard them mentioned a lot on the boards and I know some friends from uni who have gone to them and found them helpful. I just wondered how you go about seeing one, when you should see one etc.

I feel a bit daft not knowing but I've not had Asthma long (about 14 months, but at first I just used Salbutamol every now and then during colds, flu etc. Only got ""bad"" and needed treatment everyday about...4 months ago) so I'm still a bit of a newbie!!

Take Care

Claire xx

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Hi Claire

Most Gp surgeries have an asthma nurse. He/ she usually provides support and advice as well as performing annual reviews. You may have one at your surgery - it may be worth enquiring as it is quite nice to have a familiar face to contact if you are struggling or have a question.

Take care



Also Asthma nurses will have a lot more time for you than some GPs and can go through with you your peak flows, inhaler technique and will also have a selection of different inhalers & spacers to look at & try if your current one isn't working properly etc.

It is worth having a chat with one, even just once though some will review you every 6 - 12 months etc. They are run by the practice nurses at your GPs - ask at the reception about it.

Take care



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