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Something I Would never do!

Hi all. I have been on this web site so many times to read about Asthma and getting ahndy hints and tips to make my life easier! I suffer from the brittle form of Asthma and was in a very poor condition two years ago (wont go into it, far too depressing a read for you all!

Anyway, the reason I am writing this is to say that I only wish I had signed up for the forum a long, long time ago.

Reading other peoples messages have made me ponder, laugh and cry (yes a grown man crying I know!) and made me realise that there is a place to go and chat about Asthma with others, such as myself, as opposed to work colleagues and ""certain friends"" thinking it's not exactly a serious illness!

i have found a new place to listen, learn and talk!

Hey, that was straight from the heart and I hardly know any of you!!!!!!

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Hi there Ricky,

Welcome to Asthma UK, I am glad that you've found us a good source of information and support so far, long may it continue! Any forum is only as strong as the people who post on it, and we are lucky enough to have some amazing and inspirational people posting on here.

It sounds from reading your post and your profile that your asthma is a bit better controlled now than it has been in the past, and I'm really pleased for you about that. It's always nice to hear success stories, it gives us all something to focus on and aim towards.

I do hope you will continue to enjoy good control and to get a lot out of Asthma UK.

Take care

Em H


Hello Ricky... welcome to AUK... I know what you mean about the AUK family... because we are so much more than just a forum... and I like you spent a long time dealing with my B.AT1 with out ever knowing about this site!

Hope your experiences here... even the ones that make you and us cry prove to be helpful and that you find as many Good friends as I.

Hugs and love from the Orkney Isles



Hi Ricky

Just to really echo what you said, until I joined here which was not long ago, and apart from other patients at Heartlands I had never come across anyone else with brittle asthma and I too wish I had found somewhere like here when mine was out of control, I think now with more knowledge and not being afraid to speak to people about it I have grown in strength and can cope a lot better living with this and hope that it can help someone else even in a small way, I too still fall apart when I get sudden attacks but the difference for me now is that I am able to put myself back together again in between times where I never managed before.

Hope you stick around and hlep make the community bigger and better!



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