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chest infection

hi everyone,

i know its been awhile since i last logged in. i have been ill cold felt more like flu went to my chest, antibiotics and now its back. been to docs this morning more antibiotics and the dreaded steriods. i hate them as they make me put weight on, give me mood swings (good job hubby is away). feel yuk ,disappointed as the pred will undo all my hard work at losing weight, you see i have lost 16 stone, feel better in my self for doing it but go mad if i put on a couple of pounds. hope to feel better by next week as im off to egypt.

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Hi Belinda,

There seems to be a lot of chest/lung infections around right now that are hard to shift. I'm one of them and I know there are others here too. Sadly colds/viruses etc seem to be a trigger for lots of us. I hope you feel better soon and manage to enjoy Egypt. And congrats too for losing so much weight. That is something I must tackle too but at the moment I just want the infection gone.



Just been put on the steroids/antibiotics myself today for the same thing Belinda,hopefully it will just be short courses for us both-hope your lurgy disappears quickly !!


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