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tired after inh

surely there's an easier way of taking an inhaler??

i am using my volumatic every time i use my inhaler, to relieve nellie, wheeze, etc the usual symptoms, and although it helps i find i am shattered afterwards and need to lie down. the effort of using it breathing in/out 5-10 times for each puff tires me out!!

although at the moment, needing a lot of nebs, so only needing the odd inh in between, so thats something i suppose, so at least with the neb i can just put the mask on and lie there, relaxed, and concentrate on breathing in the meds and wait for nellie and other symptoms go away . . .

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I must admit that when feeling bad (most of the time at the minute) nebs are so much easier and beneficial, just not as handy, even though I also have a micro neb.

Inhalers very rarely give me the relief that I need and using spacers etc help but again a spacer is hardly ideal unless you are at home, in which case I might as well use a neb.


yes, i am finding that the inh via volumatic doesnt give me as much relief compared to the neb, yet healthcare people and research says its just as good ?? but i wanna try not to rely on neb. yet they are more convenient, and less effort. i am shattered after, defeating the object really...

went to local support group earlier, had to use inhaler few times, no relief, had to leave tearly to get hme quick, struggling, to have a neb, relief . . . sort of!



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