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new plan possibly?

asthna nurse rung me this morning, she couldnt make the appt i had with my possibly unhelpful cons last week, and was brought up to speed with him re: xolair trial. she knows all the meds i am taking, but she wants to exhaust all other options before even doing the trial and ensure i am completely maxed out on all my meds etc before starting the injections next week - cutting it fine, but even if that means holding off on the injections bit longer - fine by me especially if there's no guarantee gonna be of any benefit...

so i got an appt on wed pm. to go through absolutely everything and update my current action plan, which i havent done for over a year?! told her my doubts bout doing the injections and talked bout my feelings etc and said we would discuss everything on wed and go from there...

maybe there is a new plan? maybe i will do xolair still, i dont know, we will have to see...

x x x

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I hope all goes well with your asthma nurse appointment on Wednesday.


thanks, let u know :)



Fingers crossed that your appointment on Wednesday turns up something to help you.


hopefully out of costa wed to go :(

x x x


managed to make asthma nurse appt. talked through everything and action plan updated :)

talked through when to increase maintenance pred / lowering gradually etc.. (currently back on 40mg cos of capture this week) and also when to call green meanies etc..

due to go occ health tomorrow bout poss of going back to work soon, however asthma nurse not convinced this is poss as yet as not stable enough yet :( grrr.... missing work so much..

i already carry with me at all times a list of all my meds, past medical history and allergies, but she is gonna get my consultant to write a letter for me to carry to, so that when i end up in costa, i always get same treatment - like a management plan. also, gonna arrange with LAS for me to get captured to same costa each time - if they can, i normally do, but not always :S

not convinced bout xolair still, but at the mo, thats my only option...

hugs to all x x x


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