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asthma, urti and tonsilitis :S

hi guys,

ended up needing lil trip to the lovely costa yesterday evening as unable to control symptoms after allergy reaction to radox complicated asthma symptoms, as well as having an upper respiratory tract infection and apparently raging tonsilitis. doc said they white and huge (yuk! sorry..)

i was discharged after asthma symptoms had settled down and given strong pain relief and strong, double dose antibiotics to take for a week, as well as advised to continue my current 60mg pred for a wee while longer before going back down to 40mg and weaning down YET AGAIN!!


what i was wondering, as paeds nurse, i am obviously used to dealing with all of the above in children and a mix of such in children, but obviously its completely diff when its yourself!!

any tips on dealing with tonsilitis in non- children??

i am finding it really difficult to swallow as sooo painful :(

also, still using inh 4hrly, which i know is okay, but obviously when you got snuffly nose cos of URTI its hard to use the volumatic/ aerochamber for 10 puffs ...

and sneezing more now than when hayfever really bad, hehe :S


x x x

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luckily not got usual munchies effect of pred or i be size of truck next week at this rate ;)

x x


luckily not got usual munchies effect of pred or i be size of truck next week at this rate ;)

x x


Hi there - Sounds like you are having a really rough time of it. I had tonsilitis as an adult some years ago now ( pre asthma diagnosis though). The one thing that realy seemed to help with the very sore throat and painful swallowing was to freeze cola, milkshakes, fruit juice, yogurt, ect into ice cubes and then use them as they not only provided great relief it was also away of having something without having the pain of eating. You can get the really small ice cube trays in Lakeland so that you don;t need to manage the really large ones!. You probably know all of ths anyway given your professional experience but thought I would mention it just in case not - as you say it's very different when we are dealing with ourselves...

Hope this helps a little bit and you feel better soon

Take care


ice cream! That works for me.


thanks guys...

like i say its easier when it comes to telling parents try this try that! and besides it easy to get them to eat things like ice lollies and ice cream! lol

i will try to freeze things ... frozen cola sounds good ;) though diet better - normal gives me attacks lol.. wonder if i can freeze vodka with that ;) haha... though maybe not good idea given i supposed to be responsible for children this weekend along with other brownies leaders, and on quite strong meds, may help me sleep better tho :)

not gonna be easy freeze things with me suppsedly goin on pack holidays with brownies today till sun :S not sure thats a good idea the way am feeling now - pooh-ey!! i truly sympathise with all the kids i have looked after with it now, pain is like razor blades in my throat, though pain relief taking slite edge off :) more sneezing and snuffles than when i got my hayfever bad, as well as norm asthma symptoms every 4 hrs or so lol . . . hmmmm. . .

bring it on!!! i am sure i can handle 20 x 7-10 year olds like this :) like the scouts and guiders' message - be prepared! ;)

hugs to all :)

sorry for long post lol - tiredness and pain getting to me... x x x


Snowygirl, you poor thing you really are having a rough time at the moment arent you : (

I have suffered badly with recurrent tonsillitis in the past, so painful!

I recommend lots of ice cream!

Get well soon x x


vodka doesn't freeze well.


Oh no, not another thing to add to the horrible asthma Snowygirl! You could really do with a break - crossed fingers Brownie holiday goes well and you're not too exhausted.

Don't know that I have anything useful to add really - I'm lucky enough never to have had tonsillitis. I do get sore throats every time I have a cold though and while they're not as severe as that I find sucking something can help, just the action of sucking it, especially if it's 'cooling' like mint. I like the 'something' to be an extra strength Strepsil - everything needs to be extra strength with me or it doesn't work - but realise that may not be an option for you with everything else you're on and allergies etc. But maybe even just mints/basic lozenges you can buy anywhere.

Hope you feel better soon! xx


Snowygirl, Can I suggest that you don't go on Brownie camp. I am a leader of a rainbow pack, and wouldn't even go to a meeting but get my other leaders to run it, or even cancel a meeting If I thought there was even a chance of having an asthma attack. I'm sure the parents would understand, and would rather their daughters leader was in good health when taking their child away. I've helped at many brownie camps and they are exhausting, so do you think you would have the energy for it at the moment? Hope you begin to feel better soon.


Jelly! (And it'll set with vodka too :P)


Sorry to hear you ahve another infection - tonisillitis is yucky at any age but basically the way u manage ity will always be the same.

Re brownie camp - as Ally says should you be going? Tbh i actually feel it would be quite irresponsible to go as if you were to have an attack you not only would be putting yourself at extra risk but putting your other leaders under alot of extra pressure and stress and also you are at risk of upsetting your brownies. I dont go to meetings if im actuely unwell which you obvioulsy are for these reasons - finally you are also an infection risk to the other leaders and brownies. - you really do need to think seroiusly about going!!!!


You poor thing - yet another thing to add to your collection of unwanted ailments. I used to have tonsilitis all the time when I was little, until the nice doctor took 'em out and threw 'em away. As I recall, tomato soup on a tray by the fire was considered to be a sure fire remedy, but only if accompanied by my collection of wobbly men (pre Weebles, this was a long, long time ago) who would almost fall over every time I took a spoonful.

Take care and get well soon



Oh no, you poor thing, that is all you need after what you have been through recently.

I do hope you start to feel better soon


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