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i`m forever blowing bubbles

anyone got any tips on how to get a nights sleep and not wake up with a coughing fit ?

luckily my asthma (late onset ) is not as bad as some people and in the main i have been able to continue working . i have had 3 chest infections since christmas , always cleared with anti biotics and steroids . but for the last 14months nearly every night i either wake up through the night because i`m coughing phlegm up then this triggers asthma or if i don,t wake up that somehow makes it worse and i have to spend half an hour trying to bring muck up which in turn yep ! you know 1 brings on asthma.

have been signed off the 2weeks this time simply because i was so exhausted trying to keep going.

and am trying seratide inhalor. they say you`re never too old to learn something new and i learned that grief is a big trigger for me as my beautiful rescue dog was killed on the road ,i had had her for exactly 2 years and for some unknown reason she just took off right in front of a car ,she was my friend ----

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Big hugs xx.




I'm sorry you're having such a tough time, I can totally empathize with you about the asthma and work at present.

I do find that sleeping more upright helps me whrn mu lungs are stroppy, sometimes I sleep on the sofa as it is even more upright.

Have you asked the Dr if there is anything they can give you for the mucus in the morning? I'm pretty sure you can get something for it.

You must be devastated about your dog. They are like family and I know when we had to have our dog put to sleep a couple of years ago I was so upset, it dors get easier but you still miss them.

I hope ypur lungs start to behave a bit.

Take care Angie x


I try to sleep sitting up(ish) and that often helps. I very often use Sudafed because when my lungs are producing a lot of mucus I find that I also get a blocked nose and sinuses. I don't know if the Sudafed does much to help the lungs but it improves the problem with the sinuses.

I am so very sorry about your dog. My own dog went many years ago and I still miss her but now it's not a sad sort of miss and I can look back with pleasure and affection at the times we had together.

Sending hugs and understanding.



First of all I am so very sorry about your dog. Pets are the worlds best friends and to lose them is awful. I lost one of my beloved cats in July and still cry for him.

I have found an improvement in coughing fits when I bought a back rest so that I can sleep sitting up. I don't know if we are supposed to mention brands here if not then I am sorry for breaking the rules. I started with a £20 back rest from Argos it is adjustable with ratchets in the back like a deck chair. Then I graduated to a solid wedge of foam from Eden mobility which was £25 and well worth it. My chest is a whole lot less painful than it was when I was sleeping flatter. I sleep in the arm chair or on the sofa when things are bad and that helps too. Hope you go on ok and getter better soon. I am thinking about you and your loss.Grief is an awful thing to cope with when you are well but when you are down it is almost unbearable. x


Not sure I can add anymore apart from try sleeping propped up as others have mentioned.

Angelica, think you mean mucodyne aka carbocisteine to help with mucus? It may also be worth considering if something like sinusitis is adding to the mucus?

No problem with personal recommendations of brands Pauline47 as it is not 'advertising commercial products or services: these will be deleted'.

Take care someoldbloke, look after yourself, give the seretide time to work and yes a dog is a man's best friend


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