Improvement with Fostair

I have been prescribed a succession of inhalers since 1992 when, at the age of 52, my shortness of breath during exercise was diagnosed as due to asthma. I've had blue, brown, purple inhalers but until the latest one, a shocking pink colour, I was resigned to further curtailment of my mountain biking activities. However, with the new bronchiodilator, I have now resumed biking over the Brecon Beacons, doing 46 miles down the Taff Trail from Brecon to Cardiff only last week. My score on my PulmoLife tester has risen from high 40s to mid 60s. Now, is it the inhaler that has effected this improvement, or it just that the renewed lung exercise during strenuous activity has brought it about? Any ideas?

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  • how about a combination effect, exercise is well documented to improve lung function on asthmatics, just that for many getting control in the first place to enable them to exercise is the typical catch22.

  • Improvement with Fostair

    Thanks for that. Maybe it's the combination that is effecting this improvement but it seems to me that without the great leg-up Fostair has given me, I'll still be gasping for breath anytime I got on my bike, even to go 1km to the village shop. Yesterday I did a 300m ascent over 2km in the Brecon Beacons without getting off my mountain bike and whilst I was breathing heavily, at least I was breathing.

    How long has Fostair been around? Why didn't I encounter it sooner? Does it cost that much more?

  • hi i wondered that too. why does it have to take a lot of suffering before doctor's try new things out. I've recently been put on aminophylline due to the severity of my asthma at night and a few trips to a&e. but i've always wondered why i was not given an option to try something different. Surely all gp's don't sacrifice their patients health for the cost of a medication do they? (i only thought my Doctor's did that!)

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