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Who's right with regards to nebs??

Hope everyone is doing ok??

I have just returned from GP following an ongoing exacerbation and they have advised me to use my nebuliser every 4-6 hours and go back and see them on Thursday. My concerns is that the asthma nurse at my local hospital has previously stated that i should only use nebs if PF are <270 and then seek assistance. Currently PF vary between 280 - 350 but other meds are not making me settled or improve my current situation.

Which medical professional's advise should i follow?

I know i should have said more when meeting with the GP today but the words just never came out, ongoing problem of mine that i must address, i get all flusted....

I have an appointment with con and asthma nurse next week and as they only work part time its difficult to get in contact before.

Should i continue with GP advise and when i return on Thursday ( seeing different GP) remind them of previous asthma plan.

Do not want to go on struggling but do not want to be silly either, i am aware that others have a detailed plan for neb use and want to make sure i do the right thing.

Sorry again for waffle, getting abit of a habit at the mo.

Thanks again for listening

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I don't have a home neb so am just going on gut instinct here. The doctor who you saw today has been the most recent medical advice that you have received RE your asthma and nebs. Asthma is a constantly changing condition and the GP who saw you today will have a better idea of what your asthma is like right now than your asthma nurse as s/he saw you a while ago.

I would definitely take the GP's advice and use your neb every 4-6 hours.

Also, if you tend to find that you always forget to say something at a doc's appt write it all down before and then that way it's less likely you will forget!

Hope some of that helps!

R xx.


I would say do what your doctor says as he is treating the immediate problem. BUT! if a neb does not work get yourself to a and e fast! do not try anything else as you need hospital treattment then. I am almost tempted to say go to a and e now if you are being told to use nebs at home as when you need them unless you are really bad asthmatic all the time you should be in hospital.

I use neb at home daily but i have a strict written plan on what to do when, you i am guesing normally uses inhalers at home so therefore if needing nebs are ill enouigh to be in hospital.


Thanks for the replies...

I do have a neb at home but have really only needed to use it on the odd occasion but health professionals have been aware. I have no structered plan about using the neb and when to seek help except that if i did not feel it was working i would know to seek assistance then, judgement call i guess? (easy said than done when not feeling great) . Its just sometimes difficult with so many different health professionals involved from asthma nurse and con at hospital to different GP's and they all have their own ideas etc and all play around with meds in general.

Am using the nebs as advised by GP yesterday and will go back on Thursday and see what they say....just not been in this position before...

Hope everyobne is doing ok today xx


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