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Excellent respiratory nurses

I have been looking on the web of ways that i can thank the respiratory nurses that care for me, both the one at my surgery who sees me on a sometimes daily basis when things are bad and at regular intervals at other times. also the nurse at my local hospital who is fab and always at the end of the phone.

I know it is there job but these two people really go above and beyond the call of duty on a regular basis, they really are an asset to the NHS which gets a lot of negative press!!

without these two people and of course the respiratory team at my local hospital I am not sure where I would be today!!

Just wish there was a way of thanking them officially!

Any ideas gratefully received


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My hospital has a nursing/staff award every year which patients can nominate anyone who has been particularly good for. It's good cause they also get to be the 'face' of any local nhs leaflets etc. for the year as well as going to a presentation thing. Maybe your hospital does something like that?


Hi Sarah. I would write to their bosses - the practise manager of your surgery and the top manager of the hospital you go to - saying how grateful you are and what an asset they are etc. The nurses themselves will be told about your letters and be really pleased that their bosses know they give good service.

Some NHS staff are great - I had a wonderful eye surgeon who operated on my eyes and he was so nice I almost couldnt believe it. Also my son's consultant is really nice - it makes ALL the difference.


Hi Sarah, I'm a Medical Secretary myself in the NHS and we rarely get any praise at all from patients. I agree, if you write to the Chief Executive, and copy in the Respiratory team, perhaps maybe the consultant also, it will go a long way to lifting morale in the team, BELIEVE ME!!!


When I left my local hospital I said thank you to the nurses that had been really good to me. One of them had tears in her eyes. They all said no one ever says thank you. I asked one of them how to I get hold of the matron and she looked at me really worried and said 'oh why do you need her'. And you could hear the worry in her voice and I said that I had wanted to say thank you to her for having such a wonderful team of nurses. The nurse was really shocked and she was so pleased I said at the end of the day everyone does complain but it makes all the difference to say thank you, and praise due when someone has really made a difference. I was so upset going in again so soon after previous admission if not for those nurses trying to keep my spirits up I think I would have been in there even longer. So Sarah, say thank you to the nurses involved and like others have said write in to their bosses so that they are aware of the good nurses they have on board.


There is an annual health award show for people working in health professions. I am going to nominate my asthma nurses for this as they are absolutely brilliant!


Yeah, i'm with the others. Sometimes a simple thank you means so much. When i graduated from uni, i made a point of seeking out my head of department to thank her for her support, without which i couldn't have graduated due to severe mental health problems. She was really moved and said noone had ever thanked her before. So yeah, thank you can mean a lot.


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