Just been contacted by a Pat Bass who wanted to be my friend. Before I clicked, looked at their profile. Turns out apparently he is a spokesman for About.com's Asthma pages.

May well have my interests at heart but supposing it was a pharmaceutical or kitchen company requesting to be my friend - would I accept? No of course not. And to be fair, although requesting to 'be my friend', I would doubt that Pat Bass is about to join me on Farmville or whatever.

The answer to that one - clicked on 'Ignore request' and marked as 'Someone I do not know'. Cos while I do have AUK on FB - I chose them rather than the other way around.

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  • this is the genuine Pat Bass, who writes for About.com facebook.com/profile.php?id...


  • Thanks woody. Not the only FB request I've said no to, recently. Cutting back to only popping in for a quick catch up. I used to be on there 24/7. LOL

  • I got the same request yesterday and I said ingore and then clicked mark as don't know and again this morning he sent me another request. I am only accept requests of people I know from school or on here but I have to be 100% certain I know them before I accept them because I have piccies of my kids on there and you can never be to protective of your children I think. I don't care what work this Pat Bass does, I used to go on about.com and they gave me advice which conteracted the advice I was given else where

  • I'd a second invite too. Despite clicking no etc. I've now blocked the email address and person. Taken care to block on own email inbox too.

  • Just been checking this out - and wanted to confirm that Pat Bass is not affiliated with Asthma UK in any way, although as Woody has pointed out, he does write for About.com's asthma pages.

  • I have been contacted too, but ignored request!

  • me also

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