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Refrigerated air

Anyone else find the cold air from their fridge affects their chest momentarily in this cold weather. Husband obvously thought I was 'at it', today when I tried to explain. Asked should he be calling a doctor, if I was going to have to stop using the fridge in cold weather. Not sure whether he meant a GP or someone from the local nut-house.

Our fridge sits at 4 degrees centigrade and has a flap at the bottom of the cabinet which holds fresh food stuffs at zero degrees.

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ive been finding the tap water extremely cold to drink it takes my breath away


You sound totally normal for an Asthma sufferer Granny Mo, been finding cold water straight from the tap lately just too cold for my ole puffy sacks too. Just have to wrap up like you were going to Siberia before opening the fridge, then hubby really will think you have gone lalala LOL.



The fridge doesn't feel to bad for me but the freezer sets me off ,so I Try get someone who's around get things out for me or pull my top up over my mouth.

love Glynis xxx


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