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Rainy days

Yesterday I went to London where it rained loads all day I did my best to stay dry under my brolly and had a warm layer on so I didn't get too cold however today I'm suffering woke up feeling like I'd been trampled on by a heard of elephants spent all afternoon coughing and feel all snuffly tonight !

Bein wet and cold always turns into a cold or goes to the chest with me but I'm shocked as to bow quick the rain has impActed on me !!!

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Asthma is a funny old condition - with me rain is great, but not very cold or hot weather. The effect is nearly always instantaneous. My chest could be a meterological tool every winter - if there is frost in the offing, wheezing and coughing starts and I know I have to stay indoors, or have a scarf to breathe through.

I am hoping for some serious rain over here it has been so dry this summer, I have been stuggling since 22/7.

All the best.


My asthma always acts up in rain too. My allergist says it's the mold. Really annoying though, isn't it? Funny though I'm so used to having asthma I'm quite sure I might miss it if I didn't have it.


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