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help please

hey anyone have any advice that could help me

i feel into a lazy habit of forgetting to take my brown inhalers, this has lead to my asthma becoming much much worse i have started takig them regualy but its still bad , i cant tell my mum she will kill me *hide*. im currently leading up to my gcse exams and no i need to sort my problem quickly, as time out of school at this stage is real bad, and ive missed alot already

so any tips on what to do and how to remember to take my inhalers

please please please i need to get my asthma better pretty quick as my exam resulsts depend on my sixth form college place.

all your ideas and thouughts will be much apreciated


tinx x x

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The solution is so simple. In order to get your asthma under control, you must see your doctor. Perhaps you use an alarm clock that wakes you up in the morning, maybe put your brown inhaler next to it. Or plonk the inhler on top of your school bag then surely then you will remember!! Seriously though, you will laugh one day about getting yourself in such a worry over such a minor grievence. But do get your asthma under control first.


HI lil tinx,

Might it be worth going back to your GP or asthma nurse and explaining that despite starting to take your inhalers again your asthma is still bad? If you go now, you've got a better chance of getting it sorted before GCSEs start in may.

Also, it's worth talking to your exams co-ordinator about it as special arrangements can be made (e.g. sitting your exams in seperate rooms so if you are ill you won't disrupt people etc).

To remember your inhalers, maybe try having them right by your bed so you see them when you go to bed/ wake up or by your tooth brush if you brush your teeth twice a day.

Becca x


If you have a mobile phone how about setting a reminder so you remember to take it?

Post it note above your bathroom mirror?

Leave it next to tooth brush?

Hope this helps!

Sparkly Fairy


A good idea would be to leave it by your toothbrust ...take it before you brush your teeth then you can kill two birds with one stone and it prevents you getting thrush too,

Good luck with your GCSES!

Hope that helps

Emma x


Erm... My mate is really bad at remembering hers and she got a spare one and put it in her locker in school. That way when shes doing her books in the morning, she sees it and toodles of to the loo and takes it.

Good Luck with your GCSE's.

Vicky x



hey thanx to every one, trying all ur ideas seems to be workin ta luv lil tinx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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