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Coping with tiredness

I'm looking for practical advice if anyone can help me please.

I'm relatively new to asthma, only diagnosed Dec 2009, and although I've only had two proper attacks (touch wood!) I have frequent bouts of breathlessness and difficulty breathing and I have to use my salbutamol. But what I find debilitating is the extreme tiredness which accompanies these bouts. As well as wanting to curl up in a ball and sleep, it affects my mood and motivation - I feel low and I don't want to do anything.

I work full time so when I get these bouts I'm often not in a situation where I can sleep or do nothing so I just push myself on. But if I was at home should I be doing that or should I be kinder to myself and take time out for a while? Or is that giving in?

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asthma takes alot out of you and need

to rest up sometimes when feel worn out.

I have felt like it for weeks now as had lots of attacks over last 2 months.

try to get some me time and chill out if you can or a power nap xxxxxx

edit- medication and steroids make you feel run down also,

keep an eye on mood swings like feeling low

as meds can cause it and worth talking to doc if you do

love Glynis xxx


Hiya Charlie,

I have been suffering these tiredness attacks for as long as I have had asthma. My GP said go with what your body wants to do. I still don't know what works for me, so unfortunately have no practical advice but wanted to know you are not alone.

Take care


Hi Charlie. I am tired a lot of the time, family say they cant understand it but I think it's not getting enough oxygen in the blood. I always have a sleep Sat or Sun pm - sometimes 4 hours and I often have a lie-down in the afternoon if I can.

Might also be worth asking GP to check your iron levels. I've been diagnosed with anaemia in the past. Otherwise I would just rest when you can, especially at weekends.


Hello, I'm another 'you're not alone' poster. I'm currently off work for at least 2 weeks because I just haven't been able to cope with the tiredness.

I guess getting the symptoms under control and resting lots is probably the secret - so my best advice would be to talk to your GP or nurse and see if you're on the right medicines, and listen to your body, and take it easy.

Easier said than done - but I wish you all the best.


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