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Does anybody know if

You can join the police with asthma?

I looked around the internet and found that it depends on the force etc. and the number of hospitalizations and attacks.


it doesnt mention whether the fact that I am on steroid inhalers automatically disqualifies me or not?

because doesnt that imply that without my steroid medication i am in trouble and will not be fit enough to join?



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Hi s_lizzie,

i have seen info on this site but cant remember where, look in the fact files or the leaflets section. The helpline with probably know, but i dont think the services will take you but the fire service will assess you and decide for there selves. But cant remember the gist of it. Or try googling it

good luck



I think you will find that virtually every single Police Force is currently going through 90 day consultations about making officers redundant.

I know that all the Welsh Forces now have a freeze on recruitment and this is true for many Police Forces in England & Scotland also. The week before last Cumbria Police sent out letters to ALL staff informing them that a consultancy review was under way - which means they will be firing people at the end of it.

Derbyshire Police have also announced cuts as have several others at the below link.

Sorry, but with the coming Public Sector cuts I doubt that any Police Forces will be hiring for many years - the ones that do probably will have their choice of officers made redundant from other Forces.

I think you can join the US Marines with asthma - could be wrong.



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