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yesterday i told my friend whom i have not known for very long, that I have asthma.

She replied ""i dont know much about asthma. i dont know what i would do if someone was having an attack- probably give them a paper bag to breathe in and call 999""

she is smart, intelligent and a medical student....

i didnt know what to say. i still dont. Im speechless.

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oh dear!!

When I told my Mum I'd be diagnosed with asthma she said I couldn't have it as I didn't have any of the symptoms!! I'm 29 and don't live at home, how would she know?!


thats unbelievable!!

argh!!! i hate people not understanding/ knwing what it is, what we go thru, or even worse pretending.

i have even taught my 7-10 year old brownies how to help me in an asthma attack, and did a demo, so proud of them :)

what even gets my goat more, medics/nurses think they know what best for u, they dont listen to u!!

unfrtunately WE know, WE been there before!


I had a nurse tell me that, as an asthmatic, I should wheeze and should only worry if I was breathless. Last time I go to that walk in centre.

My sister can't understand why I won't go near her house. Usually, when things are controlled well, I can get away with loading myself with antihistamines and staying for just a short time. That won't work right now - I'd end up in casualty very quickly due to her dogs. She told me that I've always had asthma and its not a problem. She doesn't get the BTS guidelines theory. You guessed it, she's a nurse.

However, there are some nurses who do understand asthma, the one at my GPs is good.


i am a nurse myself and its frustrating as i get to see it from a persnal side as well as prof side!

my ex-asthma spec nurse was useless. she showed no compassion. told me - anxious as hardly no wheeze - in clinic?? and then on admissin on ward round and i got better TOO quickly!! go figure??

that was 18 mnths ago befre lungs worse + became brittle + of course i changed my care!! i now do wheeze but not always, take lnger to recover and more importantly get taken seriusly by new dr/nurse :)

well smetimes.... yes i admit there is a lil anxiety, but there obviusly wuld be when u struglgle to breathe!

anyne else feel same?!

i got asked to explain chest tightness- to me it's like being trapped inside a glass box u cant get out of. u banging on the glass wiv all ur might. passers walk by, they ignre u/ cant hear r c u. u collapse wiv exhaustion....

then the glass breaks and a passer by comes 2 help u and u can breathe again, talk again- but with brittle asthma, for how long exactly, who knw??



Hi s lizzie,

Just read your post and have to say

It would be hilarious, were it not so tragic

Hope youre well



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