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new and needs some help


Im new here and need some help regarding my asthma and my job as a cleaner.

For the past 4 months ive been off work sick, suffering from bad asthma exacerbations also got diagnosed with severe dust mite allergy, tried steroids worked for a while now im on symbicort and montelukast, going to see a specialist next Tuesday as my gp has run out of options, does anyone one know what they might do or need to know?

Also went into work last month with a sick note and explained the situation to them, asked them if there was some way they could help me minimise the risk to both my asthma and dust allergy, they told me they don’t think there is anything they can do to help, im very worried that I will have to leave this job, any information on what I can do or who to talk to, or any type of financial help I can receive if things turn out badly would be very helpful, sorry it’s long.

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Sorry to hear of your situation. Do you take an antihistamine? That should help with allergies. Perhaps it's best to discuss your work with the doctor and see what they say.


Thank you

I do take antihistamines but they aren't prescribed by the doctor, he didn't prescribe anything to help with the allergy, and they don’t always work, ive discussed my situation with the doctor and he told me that I might have to leave the job for something else that wont exert me as much as the cleaning does, but other than that he hasn’t given me any other advise on it.


Few things you can try ....

Like others suggest discuss your allergy with your gp ask him to prescribe an anti histamine as this will save you some money . You can get dust protectors for your pillows, quilt and mattress . These can vary in price but Harry Corby usually have them in a sale . Regular dusting and less soft furnishing helps reduce the dust... I Appologise if you already know this

At work have u tried face mask for when cleaning ..... May look bit silly but if it saves your lungs and let you continue work then it's worth it . Look at the products your using you may find some things are ok and some things make your asthma worse ... If u can identify anything that makes it worse then u can ask the bosses of they can provide a substitute ... Hope things improve And settle soon for you



I would agree with the last post by wearing a dust mask when cleaning, I know it doesn't look pretty but it may help, and employers should provide personal protective equipment for your use while at work. It could also be a chemical exposure thing, I find that anything with sodium hypochloride in it sends me into severe broncho-spasm and asthma attack requiring hospital. So anything that is or smells of bleach is a complete no go for me (nightmare). Do you find that chemicals make you worse? Are you following the cleaning policy to the letter, ie. using the right chemical at the right concentration at the right time? Please don't think I am questioning your work, but it is possible to limit your exposure to airway irritants it will be better for you.

How long have you been a cleaner for? how long have you been asthmatic? Are you worse in work? I only ask because could it be you have 'occupational' asthma'? Prolonged exposure in work could have worsened your asthma and you may be covered by the Disability Discriminations Act. For advice on that and what it means speak to your local citizens advice they can provide help and point you in the direction for financial/benefits entitlement.

I am not a law or asthma specialist and my advice is just based on some personal experience I have had in my place of work relating to my own job and cleaning products.



Hi i am really sorry to hear about your situation, some employers have no sympathy , we are just numbers to them, i have had this sort of treatment my self so i know how you feel, visit citizens advice they are brilliant also your local benefits office, i dont know to much about this but i am sure you mite be entitled to something, i am sure if you changed your job it would help, but its not that easy is it, i know my advice hasnt been much help but i wish you well and find someone to give you the advice you so badly need xxx


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