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Exercise & diet

Hi all. I've been reading the recent posts regarding acid reflux. I find it quite interesting.

Just before christmas i was fighting fit.I had the flu which left me with a chest infection. My asthma wasn't too bad. Previous to this i had just lost 3 stone on weight watchers.

Over christmas i did gorge (as you do). Then just after christmas i was poorly again which resulted into me having my first asthma attack. I have put on 1 1/2 stone, which i can really feel. If i over eating i feel as though my lungs can't fill up as much as they should. Its an awful feeling.

I am now back on track and have lost 4lbs. I exercising alot with my dogs & eaing really healthy. I have just started Tae Kwon Do, which the warm up is a killer. My lungs were on fire last week, but they felt as big as a hot air balloon.

I am finding if i eat anything fatty or just too much, them i can't breath as well.

Also my exercise is helping my lung capacity increase.

Does anybody else believe (if you are able) that a healthy diet & exercise can help prevent asthma symptoms?

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I am convinced that my asthma is worse if I am eating lots of rubbish food or I put weight on, I am ten stone at the moment as I am comfort eating due to depression about my asthma! My 'proper' weight is 9 to 9.7 stone and I am sure that weight & fatty food has an effect. Still can't stop myself though!


Yes mine is too. I'm really trying to be good with my eating. Its going well though.

I took my peak flow tonight. It was 500. That is the highest its ever been. I'm putting the increase down to exercise. Just got another 2 stone too lose.

I'm 11 st 9lbs. I was 9st 4lbs a few years ago. Somi've got quite abit to go.

I never suffered with my chest too bad when i was ill at that weight.


Julie, glad you've managed to get back on track, it can be difficult when you've fallen off the wagon. Congratulations on your weight loss, that's fantastic.

I think that loosing weight and thus being able to do more exercise has not so much made my asthma more under control (that's the medication) but each time I get a chest infection/have an attack I seem to get better quicker because I am not putting as much pressure on my heart and lungs.

I've lost 64 1/2 lb on Weight Watchers so far and I've got a stone and a half to go until I reach my goal weight. I do lots of fast walking all over the place and I've done walks that I found really difficult when I was almost 17 stone but at just over 12 stone I'm feeling much fitter.

I'm even just about to reduce the dose of my steroid inhaler for the first time in a year and a half because my asthma is much better controlled. I wouldn't put it all down to the weight, some of it has been about avoiding/managing my triggers and getting on the right medication and getting more knowledge about asthma. I think its a combination of all these things that have helped to get me this far. Even now I've lost a huge amount of weight I still get chest infections but I now have my asthma plan and can put it into practice.


what is the good natural cure to fight against asthma disease.


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