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Am going crazy! Allergy clinic panics

I really am going crazy. I'm on my 4th day without antihistamines (have fallen back in love with ventolin!). Been stuck inside for most of the time with just eye drops to calm things. I had a really good idea earlier: chocolate. Great when stuck inside on a hot day. So I took a 5 minute walk to the local chocolate shop. Not a good idea (although the chocolate has helped!). A few goes at the ventolin and all is calm.

BUT I'm really worried they'll not find any allergies on skin prick tests tomorrow. I'm not great at tests but thats got to be crazy!

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Can sympathise with the antihistamine issue, I am just starting to stop both my antihistamines and already maxed out on pred before I have allergy tests carried out (third lot since february), unfortunately not able to take most of my inhalers as well in varying time frames as also having other tests done as well... I am sure the skin prick tests will be alright on the day. I have the opposite problem seem to add a couple of extra items each time they are done.

On a hot day choc is okay, but only when been in the fridge for a couple of hours as liquid chocolate is not the same :)


Hi Ts, when had mine was done in 15 mins.All ok except got allergy to grass. Could not believe it as up fields most days and grass on school yard and dont get symptoms around It xxx


Hi TS,

Not had allergy tests (luckily my lungs don't get annoyed at grass etc - stairs are another matter...) but can completely sympathise with that incredibly annoying feeling of having symptoms and worrying they won't show up on tests! Sometimes feels like equivalent of lungs stuffing everything in the (metaphorical) cupboard to look good then it all falling out again later when there are no doctors there to see...

Good luck tomorrow, hope it's useful!


Great description Philomena, may have to borrow that. TS, waiting allergy blood tests results when see ENT (didn't have to stop antihistamines) and CXR + general bloods with GP too & kind of hope something shows up too.


Thanks for the replies.

The result - my allergy levels are too high and I'm allergic to too many things so nothing changes. At least the doctors now agree with me, I am allergic to a few things!


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