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I am so fed up :(

Hi guys,

Im am so fed up had a nother asthma attack really early this morning and its beginning to really get to me again :( it seems to go in patches where it gets really bad and i hate it really hate it, it gets me so unhappy when i feel poorly and when i am poorly it means i cant do the things i like, like doing my horse, going to horsey college and also riding it gets me worried and my freinds frightened :(

i know i should go to the doctors but i hate it they are always so unhelpful, to make things worse i am now a student who lives at college so i got to find a docotrs and hope they are ok and not too scary.

grrrr, im so fed up and unhappy with asthma :( i hate it, its also very annoying when ppl who dont know what its like coment :(

any one with advice please reply

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Sorry to hear you are having a tough time Kat especially when your asthma is preventing you from participating in the things you enjoy. It sounds like you need an asthma review despite finding doctors unhelpfull in the past. I've had a poor response from my GP's in the past but my present Gp is excellent. Does your college have a list of local Doctors surgeries they could give you. I joined with a group of friends when I first went to uni which made the process less scary. I hope you manage to get your asthma sorted out. Sorry I haven't really given you any usefull advice.

love sadwheezer


aaw! well look on the bright side! at least youre not stuck in the hospital. Things could have been way worse. But still, i know how annoying it is and im kind of goingh through a tough timemyself, and there is not really much i can do about it except for take my meds and wait for it to go away.

Only advice i can give you is go to the doctors!!!! you dont really have anything to lose (except the time it takes to go there) and i highly doubt they will make it worse. and chances are that even if they dont fix you completely, they will know what to do to make you better. Seriously, what is the wors that can happen if you go to the doctors? What meds are you on? And for the people making comments, yea, they are annoying, but jsut try explaining it to them or something. I know exactly what you are going through though, and i think that most other people on here do too. If you want to talk PM me!


Hi Kat,

I have PMed you, but just wanted to say here that if you are having symptoms that are disturbing your sleep and interfering with your life, you need to see a doctor as soon as possible.

Your student support service will be able to recommend a local GP who you can register with.

Em H


Hiya Kat,

Does your college campus have a medical centre? - most of the larger universities do and can probably accomodate you on a short-term basis.

Another plan is to try your University's website, as they often give names and links to surgeries in the local area that are happy to accomodate wheezy students (I picked the smiliest looking doctor on the site and went with them!- far less scary!).

Don't let unhelpful docs put you off, seriously --one wasn't bothered because somehow I hadn't managed to convey the seriousness of some blood sugar reactions (!?) & i'd been going for months!

Now I can't get rid of my docs!; ""You MUST come back! We're cutting your repeat script so you HAVE to see us!"" --Unfortunately I don't have enough pulmicort (which has done NOTHING!!!) to last between appointments- go figure!

Good luck with your hunt & hope you get better soon- it seems to be Teen Asthma season - the 4a.m. Wheezy-The-Penguin impressions are getting really tiring :/ --need sleep!

Wheezy x


Hi Kat,

in Addition to Em's advice about seeing a GP ASAP....

Going to university or College can be a big change - you are away from home, new surroundings, people and allergens too! So a bit of stress can kick in too and upset the asthma - get registered ASAP and ask to have a longer consultation if you can - introduce your self to your new GP and get on the asthma clinic list too. If you have a student health dept see them too - they will know more about studenty things and how being new can affect health. Get your flu jab too - bugs spread round unis fast.

The begining of the year can be a boom time for bugs as they are all brought in from all over the country ( world) with their host students. ( I always was ill in the september of each year at uni)

Where are you studying? Writtle?? (Our local agric / horti / horsey college!)

Take care




Hi Kat,

Sorry to hear you is having so many problems at the moment. Just wanted to say don't give up! Uni drs can be a bit of a mixture I has found (Im at uni at the moment) they are generally really good at seeing you quickly when u feel worst which i found is very different from at home. Also ask if they have a asthma nurse these can sometimes be wonderful as can keep a bit of an eye on you! You could also ask if cons and/or dr from home could write to new dr.

I was going to say just a thought but if your doing equine stuff at college is any of the bedding etc they is using for the horses irritating u? I ride n have my own horse and also work at a yard, and have found I can only tollerate mucking out one brand of shavings otherwise have real problems (bizzare I know!) I only say this as have had a very 'interesting' time till worked out that even different brands made my lungs worse! I really hope that things settle down for you know how frusterating it is when u can't ride etc with naff lungs. Only other word of advice I can think of re: riding is if cold of chesty wrap scarf round your mouth and nose as warms up the air a little (also good trick for mucking out too!). Hope the course goes well adn college good fun!?

take care

mouse x x x


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