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Newbie to the Forum!

Evening all, I'm Meady and new to the forumboard. Haven't been on for a littlewhile and only spotted this board this afternoon.

(Posted on the kiddies forum first, didn't realise, doh! doh! doh! and Doh!!!)

Little bit about me, I was diagnosed with Asthma in August last year.

Had my last serious attack on Friday just gone where I had to be admitted to hospital. Mainly due to having a 24-48 hr bug thing which gave me a temp of 39deg, shivers etc and had to have an IV drip, oxygen and 3 nebuliser sessions.

Now on 14 pills a day! Only for the next five days though fortunately.

So had a great weekend! What about you guys/gals? good weekend? Oh and the best bit we gave the scots a spanking in the rugby! yay!

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hi meady,

glad you found your way over, yep your eyes must be as bad as your lungs! you will find some great people here to help with any concerns you have hope you are feeling a bit better after your weekend? i to have just had a small splat!



Hi Spiderlungs, thanks for the kind directions!

Feeling much better thanks, although I am rattling a bit now. It was a totally weird one this weekend. Getting ill normally sets it off, major coughing fits before going to bed etc.

This time though, I had no warning, felt a bit achey all day, get home and and gradually just got worse and worse, then left to go out in the car breathed in a bought of cold air and hey presto! cough cough cough and it just went downhill from there.


Hi Meady and welcome to Auk boards. Have a good nose around the different topics, is a great source of info. Sorry to hear you have been in hospital, there are a lot of virus's doing the rounds at mo,alot of members here lungs are protesting loudly.

As for the rugby....what a result! Hubby and son were at Twickenham :-)



Hi Julie, thanks for the kind welcome. I am sooo jealous that they went to Twickenham. We managed to go last year saw them play ireland and loose!


Hi everyone

I'm new to! My name is Lejaya and I am 25 I have severe asthma and I have had it since the age of 16, how are you feeling meady? did they give you prenisolone?



Welcome to AUK even you do enjoy a sport where the ""ball"" is egg shaped :) Sorry you have been ill I hope you enjoy wombling around AUK.




Hi lejaya, Welcome too!

Yes, they put me on predisalone and amoxicillin. The house Dr at A & E wanted to up my preventer from seretide 125 to 250. Saw my GP this morning who didn't think it was worth it especially as i don't have very regular major attacks.

Although my triggers are stress, very cold air and getting ill - that's the worst time, It took and 8 hour coughing fit one night before we called the doctor and got diagnosed. I know it sounds daft, but though I just had a cough!

One other thing I noticed with my asthma is that I am now alergic to pet hair, great, we've got a cat....


Thanks Bex. It's a real pain, but I just try to get on with things, only real frustrating thing is having to take time off the next day to go and see my GP or Asthma nurse.



Welcome to the forum. I wasn't diagnosed for a long time either, its only when I was 18 and went on holiday to Paris was allergic to all the pollution and ended up coughing 24/7 and not being able to sleep. When I got back home I got diagnosed although looking back I had some nasty chest infections which were probably asthma related too and I always remember having a dry cough.

I had a restful weekend because I spent Friday night/Saturday early morning in A and E. but we did manage to get out for a lovely Sunday lunch on Sunday evening.



Hi Beth,

Thanks for the welcome!

You too in A & E on Friday, grrr. At least you had a better time of things on the sunday. :)


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