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Different Hospital Experience in different NHS area

I suffered a major attack today during the daytime, just after lunch which is very un-usual for me. Normally it's around 10pm, lol.

Anyway, the guys at work were very good, they called for an ambulance only to be put on hold! (London Ambulance service) I guess they were very very busy, anyway got through and sorted it.

When they arrived, PF was 200, best iirc is 540, it's been averaging around the 400 mark recently.

Got sorted in the ambulance and my heart rate was first recorded at 181 0ver 111 and gradually came down and breathing slowed etc. So pretty good so far. When I got to the hospital, my stats were pretty much 'normal' and got shoved into the waiting room with everyone else (nothing wrong with that, just used to being dealt with there and then as my breathing goes to pot (like everyone else!!))

Had the useual run of questions, about blood pressure, what do I do for a living and the usual, chest x-ray with the notes 'chest infection?' and the usual 'your chest sounds clear' comments. No spit, it normally is, I don't tend to suffer too much with mucus unless I have a cold, then it's like trying to cough super glue!

Got put on a heart monitor for the first time and had my chest shaven, lol man does that itch now!

Think I've gone on a bit now and am missing the point. Following all the above, it was a case of 'thanks for coming' No after care at all. Whereas in my local hospital, they would ensure that I make an appointment with my asthma nurse etc etc.

Not complaining, just an observation.

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We were shopping in Asda one day when Holly took poorly big style. The ambulance took us to the nearest hosp which was different from our usual and they were very medicalised (dunno if thats even a real word) Anyway they didn't communicate with her they just zoomed straight into action. I tried explaining that she needs to know whats happening or just ends up more stressed but it just went straight over their heads. They were really panicky and running about like headless chickens and when I tried to communicate with them I was just told to move away and let them get on with their job. Obviously it was an emergency situation but it was totally different from the usual calm but effective way we're usually used to being dealt with in our usual hosp. I do understand though that different hospitals and even different shifts seem to have different ways of working sometimes. Luckily she got transferred to our usual one the next day.



I normally get treated straight away aswell but one time I got left in triage for ages even though I had arived by ambulance and had a chest infection so eventually I went home! I have had some pretty bad experiences when it comes to hospital, my sats tend to be ok I think my o2 leves have only dropped alot twice, and like you my chest is only noisy when I have an infection or am having a major attack!

I also remember the first time I was ever admitted to hossie for my asthma and the ambulance men told me I didn't even have asthma and I ended up staying for 4 days!! so now I usually get my parents to take me that way we tend to get seen asap!

That is why I have a phobia of ending up somewhere I am not known, it scares me rigid. Not been on holiday for 2 years now I am so scared of splatting elsewhere, my lot know me and know my stupid dosages. I will leave others to write the guide to NHS hospitals for asthmatics.



sorry you had such a bad experience. I hope you are feeling a little better - take it easy over the w/e.

AUK has produced some leaflets called ?? 'after an asthma attack' which can be given out in A&E to patients advising aftercare, who to see etc. I thought they would be more widely available.

Also do you carry an Asthma card which details all your meds and PFs? If not you can get one free from AUK - hop over to the main site. You can hand this to the paramedics etc to help them (I would have 2or 3 incase one gets retained!)

I carry a full treatment protocol as I have dificult asthma - this is great and works well at my local - they know me. At other hospitals it does either panic them and they call in the heavy squad - ITU peeps or they ignore it completely - only happened a couple of times.

But overall the more you have written down the better I think


It's definately a scary one going somewhere where you haven't been before hospital wise!

I definately like the level of care I get in my local hospital. The one thing that does my head in though is that all A & E doctors seem to think that if you suffer with Asthma, your supposed to have a rattling chest?!?!?


The one thing that I really do suffer with is a very sore chest afterwards, to touch as well as internally which tends to last for a few days too.

Changing subject while I think of it, I am now alergic to.....

Pet hair (although I live with a kat which is ok unless I stroke her)

dogs are now a BIG no, no, brings me out in a very itchy nettle like rash

Washing up liquid, makes me itch again! So, I now ware a nice pair of bright yellow marigolds! hehehe.

Meady - i hope you are feeling better now nad have recovered from your expereinces. Hope you ahve managed to get some after care from your GP or normal asthma nurse? I live inbetween 3 hospitals and have been to all and i have to admit the care differs so much its worrying.

I used to go st H cos thats who i was under when i moved 10yrs ago and there i was always treated in majors and was in within 5 mins max treatment usually pretty good,

A few yrs ago was at a friends 2 mins down road and splatted and she took me to ESH where i sat in reception for 25 mins despite not being able to string to words together, friend finally kicked up stink as was going pretty shade of blue so finally got taken through to minors!!! dr saw me and moved me pdq into resus where i stayed for a couple of hrs, was stabilsed then sent to Mau for 6 hrs then home!!

I now am always taken to Mayday where i am always taken straight through and into resus(usually by little green men) and nurses know me and get on with stuff before dr even arrived sometimes!!

Having also expereinced a number of other hossies around the UK and Ireland I find it very worrying how care can differ so greatly even if you are in the same state as normal for you! Is there some protocol they are supposed to use to standardise care?

There is definitly a move towards taking all asthmatics into resus these days if only for initial assesment, I think this is because so many have gone off waiting around. I know ealing every asthmatic should be assessed in resus (unless it is full in there), scary for many who normally just get a neb and sent home but it does cover them.


I think you're right Bex, the last few times previous to this, I was being taken to resus but it was full. Be interesting to see what happens the next time I have to go............

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