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How can I make life easier for myself?

Evening all!

Lately my asthma has been preventing me doing things (work, going out, lectures etc) as sometimes I am so breathless that walking can be quite difficult, or if I have to sit quietly in a lecture theatre my breathing can be quite disturbing! I'm guessing I'm not the only one who has this problem, so am after some advice of how I can make life easier for myself, without asthma getting in the way too much?

I am quite active when I'm well, and love exploring London and all it has to offer, so invariaby I walk as much as my lungs will let me. I have also started swimming again, though my chest hasn't taken too kindly to it. So how do you guys manage when you have things to do but your asthma has other ideas? Any tips for getting through a busy day? And, most of all, how do you manage if you have an attack in public and you are out on your own?

I've considered hiring a wheelchair at times if I go somewhere like the zoo, as walking around that much would make me very ill but I talk myself out of it, saying there are people who need it more than me and to stop being silly, I don't need it etc etc or is this something I may have to face up to occasionally?

Thanks in advance, hope that made sense...

Emz x

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U just gotta slow down to a pace u body feels comfortable with. Plenty of rest or Pit stops as I call them. Speak to a physio. They good for breathing excercises while being active. At uni take a seat front row. Safes climbing the stairs and whilst in the wards discuss things with ur preceptor re workload have patients each other reduces walking distances. When outdoors wear a SOS talisman Or take someone with you. I usually have tHe kids, wife or my mother. My mother has a stick and still out runs me. Or try ordering inlne and miss the shops...


Pace your self.

This is a physio technique i was taught and it is amazing. Do little but often basically. I do something then have a sit down (ie on a bench) then i do a little more and have another sit down. If you get in to habit of planning your day like this you will find life more managable. You may also find it helps your studyies.(ie 30mins work, 5 mins break, 30 mins work, 5 mins break etc) Use this in all.

If you need any more examples like sample days just drop me a pm

Hope that helpful



its annoying but when i want to shop etc but chest has other ideas i have a wheelchair, was unsure at first but then decided at least it means can still do stuff i enjoy and lucky i having a relative who is willing to push me round or i hire a scooter.


Hi Crazybaby,

I got myself an electric mountain bike so that I can still join in the family bike rides without killing myself! It is categorically the best purchase I ever made. When I am out on it with the kids and my husband, I feel confident as I look like any other person out enjoying a bike ride with her family (until they notice my nasal cannulae at least) It looks like I am riding but indeed I am not. The kids love having me join in as well. I used to be very active until my lungs gave up on me. I am starting to find ways of doing the things I used to love to do. It just takes some careful planning, understanding family and a touch of insanity probably helps a lot!!! I do confess that I still get it wrong sometimes and overdo it. I have this stubborn streak that is very talented at persuading my brain that I am not struggling and that I can continue. Luckily my husband and I have an arrangement - He is great at spotting when I have reached that denial place and he will step in and remind me of what will happen if I don't stop and rest.

I hope you manage to find ways to make life easier for yourself.



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