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Was it an asthma attack?

Appologies, I know posts like this have come up before but I couldn't find an answer.

Last night I went out for a run but had a hard time with my lungs and chest hurting so I cut it short, this was about 7pm. Later that night, around 11pm I was laid in bed and suddenly I was breathing really rapidly but shallow but really having to force air out of my lungs (using my stomach muscles to force it out) so I could get some fresh air in! Also keept taking big breaths to try and slow my breathing and get a big gasp of air. I had a pain in the centre of my chest, as though someone was stood on me, too. Laying down seemed to make it worse so I sat up and took 6 puffs of ventolin through my spacer over a couple of minutes which slowly got rid of it. All in all it lasted about 30 minutes.

Again, this afternoon, the same happenned. Again, ventolin has got rid of the symptoms so I am not immediately worried.

My first question is, were these asthma attacks? At what stage do asthma symptoms turn into asthma attacks?

Whilst it was scary, uncomfortable and tiring, I didn't seem panicked by it. I can't really describe it, maybe as though I knew I would be ok? I've never had an asthma attack before, sure I've had various symptoms but never anything as bad as this, you'd have thought I'd have been more worried? Am I just wierd?

Lastly, if I were to experience these again, when would I need to see a doc/A&E?

For note - I used ventolin before my run (4 puffs) and I swapped from Seretide (250, 2 puffs twice a day) to Fostair (100/6, 2 puffs twice a day) about 2 weeks ago

A long post I'm sorry and appologies if this has appeared on the forum before but I couldn't find answers in

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IT does sound like it.

Would be good idea see your doc keep him informed with changing inhalers 2 weeks ago.



I think you should go to your asthma nurse or gp and discuss with them.

I am not sure what to make of it - other than exercise induced asthma. (asthma attack caused by exercising) if it happens again go straight to gp surgery perhaps so they can check you over.

not really sure to be honest i would go to asthma nurse armed with questions.



Thanks for your replies.

Exercise induced asthma was how I was initially diagnosed with asthma, it is a big trigger for me, I guess my question was more, was these episodes actually 'attacks' as opposed to just being symptoms? I don't know when asthma symptoms become an asthma attack as I've never officially had an asthma attack. And when would I seek medical help if it were to happen again?

Well today my lungs feel sore and set in concrete with my PF at 85% (which doesn't normally correlate with symptoms!) so I'll see how I get on today. Was gonna go for another run again tonight but I'll see how I feel. Will be getting an appt with asthma nurse if this continues.


I've no idea what to classify as an attack either!

It is definitely worth mentionning to your GP/asthma nurse soon. I've been told that getting symptoms after exercise or if the symptoms carrying on to disturb your sleep is a sign of poor control. It is worse sign than just getting symptoms when you exercise.

Hope you get it sorted soon.



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