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Went to the docs a couple of weeks ago with tight chest/cough/breathlessness after exercise. He asked for me to monitor peak flow day and night, and pre and post run, both with and without ventolin. I noticed running with the ventolin much easier for me. During this time, I also noticed i got periods of tight chest/cough/breathlessness without exercise too, so I tried the ventolin then, and it made these feelings go away.

I went today for my spirometry, I did it before and after ventolin. The nurse said that i managed a peak flow of 590 before the ventolin which is great for my sex/age/height anyway (predicted is 430) and that the ventolin didn't make a very big increase. So she said there's nothing wrong and so nothing to worry about.

So now I'm confused, is the improvement I've seen just all in my head? Is there really nothing wrong with me? I'm worried as I'm running to try and loose weight but I find it so hard without ventolin that I won't be able to carry on.

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you may be one of a group and to a large extent the majority of the population suffer from what is termed 'Exercise induced Bronchoconstriction.

see this,


Thanks woody-som, yeah this fits although I get the same when resting too, guess I'll see what doc says.


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