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Why...Just Why??? *Warning, may contain explicit RANTING!!!*

Admitted: 2 weeks ago

Moved beds: 6 times

Number of times treated like crap: lost count

Number of time nurse says getting a doc then you find out they couldnt be arsed: 3

So i was admitted two weeks ago, most of which ive not be allowed visitors because the hospital has been shut because of norovirus. Because of this i also had to stay on MAU for a week as my resp ward has been shut.

Whwn i finally ge to my resp ward the aim to getme home last Thursday but unfortunatly my peak flow dipped and hey refused to let me go and increase my steroids even more. By the eveing i as struggling and i was needing regular nebs overnight, which why nurse was rappidly getting cheesed off wiith...sorry i thought you job was to care?? must of been mistaken!!!

Friday care, got reviewed by my cons and told for safety resons and to et me better for my 21st (on 11th) they are keeping m for the weekend and they are writng a plan in my notes that if my sats or peak flow dip anymore and start struggling i am to have the doc come strigght away and i am to have back 2 back nebs and straightt back onto the iv amino...

...Saurday was reasonable mangin 2 hourly nebs...Sun i had a good day, no probs untill bout 1930 at night and i started having a random attack out the blue...ONE, yes ONE neb later an the nurse abondons me, night staff come onto the ward, and says there not getting a doc as there on call and wont change anything (hmm what happend to the plan in my notes)...needing losts of nebs overnight, 0630 comes and i ask for another (lets jusst say im still waiting for that neb)

Mum rings up the ward this am to ask how i am as i tell her was poorly pre bed...nurse tells mum i had a really good night and slep well... WTF DO THEY HAVR THE RIGHT PATIENT???

i have to sa the care has bee utterly disgusting and im really worried im not going to get out in time for my birthday...

sorry for the rant, it is really starting to get m dow that because its not a visible thing, tings dont seem to be getting done all to qickly.


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sorry about all the typos, stupid nhs keyboard fr you


I think you are entitled to have a rant.

I think I would want to have a rant if I was in your situation, I hope you manage to escape in time for your birthday


Charlie, I am so sorry your having all this trouble, it is not fun. That happened to me once telling my husband I was much better actually under the outreach team etc. you could always speak to ward manager or PALS.

Hugs and best wishes, keep your chin up

Lisa xx


You rant as much as you like!!!! I do hope you get out in time for your birthday celebrations and that all goes well for you.

You really do need to complain about your treatment. Your very life depends on it!!!! How dare they treat you like that I would be furious and would have something to say if I had the breath to manage it. Good luck with everything.

I am new to the forums and reading what everyone posts is a real help!!!


I think you're entitled to a rant, the nurses sound awful!

How have things been today?


What hospital do u go to ? Hope your feeling much better now.


Can totally sympathise - all sounds familiar I'm afraid. I think nurses are programmed to tell people patients have had a good night, maybe they do that so relatives etc dont worry. It's very very annoying. Also poor to be moved so often, again it sounds familiar. Rant away, we can't do much to help but we are all here for you and understand how ur feeling. xx


Oh dear, hope things improve and you get out soon. Maybe let your consultant know about the problems when they come see you? Agree some wards/nurses automatically seem to say that to relatives alongside not telling patients when a hospital department rings up to let them know calling them down soon for e.g. tests/xrays....


I'd file a compliant and also complain to PALS hope you feel better soon.


bless you sending Hugs all the way from the Isle of Man.

hope they've looked after you better today and i hope you got to see the consultant again and managed to explain that you didnt get your plan last night?

hopefully with nebs etc you got some rest today and are feeling less ranty.

you are very entitled to feel down and horrid, i think we all would under the circumstances!

take care, get better very soon. hoping very much that you are out of Costa for your birthday xx ><>


Rant away - this is shocking! Really hoping you get out soon and get the cons to sort something. Perhaps refuse to leave her room until she has written that referral?!

Hope you are putting in a complaint - one nurse, once is bad enough but not multiple times.



OMG I'm sorry that you've had to deal with that while your not well. I've had similar when I've been previously admitted with other conditions which is why I now do anything to not be kept in hospital - I actually make deals with the doctors in A&E or my GP rather than go to hospital so I get how your feeling.

I would most definately complain to PALS about your treatment as its not acceptable at all. I understand that nurses are overworked but that is their job to look after sick patients and you are right as we suffer from a hidden illness so to speak we are sometimes treated differently to say someone with a broken bone etc, its not fair and doesnt help in our recovery.

I really hope your better and home for your birthday. Feel free to direct message me if you want to rant or just chat as I'm stuck at home myself.

Take care and sending massive hugs

Jilly xxx


The nurses have ignored written instructions about your care. Negligence needs reporting. Ask to speak to the ward manager asap. Ask for a copy of your care plan. I hope your care improves very quickly and that you can get home for your 21st xx


Hey all...

Thank you all so much for replying, it has been great to have a bit of friendly support...

I will definatly been looking into making a complaint but want to be careful as obviously this is my local and will have to keep attending here and dont want the next god knows how may admissions to be awkward...

Im on day 16 tomorrow, getting massivly depresses, had a to have the iv amino stop at lunch time today as my heart was going way to fast. Had a massive attack last night and had to have severall back to back nebs, and magnesium again. Thankfully i had a blinking amazing nurse who was with me nearly all night, got doc staight away who also had itu re review me.

Cons seems to not be listening to me today though and is more interested in just getting me home for my bday, dont get me wrong, that would be lush, but pretty pointless if i cant breathe...

Was also rather shocked today...was so upset i walked of the ward...nurses hadnt even realised i went missing...bit silly considering i was on hourly obs and wasnt allowed to leave my bed....aparently according to the patient next to me, the nurses and docs kacked it....yet...when they spoke to me afterwards and told me to stop getting upset, i asked them if they have asthma, resp probs or struggle daily to breathe (all of which was no) i then said i wish just for one day they could have my body and feel my suffering,.to which they apologised and walked away from me...still no where, stil struggling, cant have any more iv treatment bcoz of my heart so is left with nothing...again...god i actually hate asthma and my life right now!!!



ps thanks again!!!


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