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calcium diet

Hey AGAIN lol

Last week i eventually had a dexa scan and unfortunatly it has shown that my bones are thin!

Great yet more for my ickle body!!

Anyway, the advice im looking for is that my consulatnat has told me i need to start on a hi calcium intake diet as well as suppliments!!

Do any of you have any suggestions for best things to eat and drink!?!?!

The issue i have is, i cant have dairy!! Just to make things a little more difficult!!!

Hope all is well in the wonderful asthmatic society!!!


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Charlie_warlie that's pants but best to know so u can help yourself.

My little boy is on a dairy free diet due to cows milk protein allergy and he gets extra calcium from fortified cereals, dark green leafy veg, broccoli and almonds.

Broccoli is full of calcium!!!!




In terms of calcium non dairy, did your consultant not give you any advice on diet? When I saw gastro cons they did check my calcium dietary intake. Fortunately it turned out I was lactose intolerant rather than coeliac or IBD. So I could have lactose free dairy but they did mention leafy/green veg, soya products, dried fruit, nuts as well. See here for more info or


It's not exactly natural but you can get orange juice fortified with least you used to be able to. I remember my friend being dead set on buying some as she said it would be good for us; I pointed out not really necessary for me given how much milk I drink, but if it still exists and you can't have dairy might be worth looking for?


Have you been prescribed calcium supplements (calcichew or Adcal are the two I have had)? If not, you can buy calcium supplements, eg Boots do a capsule which is easy to swallow, but it's not as big a dose as the prescribed tabs.


Hey thanks for info guys, knew i could count on you!!

Tj, come on this is my consultant we are talking about lol, all she said was ur bones are thin increase calcium in ur diet as well as what ur previoisly on!! Maybe when her dictated letter comes through there might be more info. Not setting my heart on it though.

And angievere im on calcium chew daily. Been on that since last july time. Was going to be started on alendronic acid but i keep suffering with really bad gastric reflux disease dispite meds for it and it is know to make worse so they have held off!!




i like you have thin bones and cant have dairy, my dietition has told me to have a diet high in green veg as it is high in calcium, soya milk- with added calcium, soya milk shakes, dairy free cheese. I also have dietry supplement drinks, calcium tablet supplements and another tablet to try to rebuild my bone density.

If you are unsure ask your dietition/ or for a dietition referral.


Hey Sarah, thank you for the reply!!

dairy free cheese, is that possible, i cant find it anywhere lol!!

can i ask my resp cons for a dietician refereal!?



Charlie_warlie, Tesco's now have a great range of dairy free products kept in the chiller cabinets. X


darn, i only have asda and morrisons...and they are PANTS with the free from foods!! xx


I used to live near an Asda and they do do the soya milk in various brands. Anything else, not sure about - could you find it online?


Charlie_warlie, respiratory nurse should be able to refer you to dietician too if you see them first.

Places like Holland & Barrett also do lots of dairy free food, may be pricey though but often have offers. Even Lidl/Aldi have soya milk at least these day.


If you have Sainsbury's near you they're quite good but a bit more expensive.



i have soya milk, soya yoghurts and aplro soya pudding thingys now but im getting bored of just them now and i must not have been eating and drinking enough of it - oops!


Tinned Sardines are a good source of Calcium along with other tinned boney fish.

Also Dark leafy vegetables such as cabbage.

Most soya milk these days is fortified with Calcium.

There is a lot of food out there that doesn't entail dairy produce being involved.

Just eat as normal and substitute where needed.

I am mostly dairy free, as lactose intolerant, prefer soya milk now.

Are you lactose intolerant or allergic to milk?

You can sometimes have small amounts of some dairy products such as hard cheese and yoghurt as the lactose is much lower.

(incidentally, many tablets have lactose in, along with dry powder inhalers...)

Alpro soya yogs are nice, along with their vanilla, chocolate puds.

You can make soya custard yourself, needs more powder to make it thicken.

Tofu (Soya Bean Curd) is another substitute you can use, needs a bit of prep and flavouring but with a dollop of garlic, olive oil, herbs or spices makes a nice alternative to cottage cheese...



thank you so much Kate, so helpful!

I dont have a full on allergy to dairy, basically what happened when I eat or drink dairy is my stomach swells and I have intense pain, it also causes more reflux and irritates my asthma, so thats the reason I avoid!

Agreed the alpro soya vanilla and choc pudding thingys are great!!

thank you all so much for you help, its really appreciated honestly!!




I was told by my dietitan to drink 600ml of Rice Dream Rice Drink a day (the original version with added calcium) You can get it in chocolate or vanilla flavour.

This gives you your daily amount of calcium and it has no dairy and no soya in it.

It is a more pleasant solution than more tablets. You can put some on cereal and drink other during day.

Hope that helps



Hi. Would imagine its a lot easier to find calcium diet items these days. I love all the information available on labels and the web. Wish it had been around when my baby daughter was milk and wheat allergic back in 1980s. Due to no calcium added to her soya baby milk or foods, over the years she has had problems with teeth and wrist bones.

Best wishes on finding something palatable. Plumie's drink sounds good.

GrannyMo xox


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