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Hi all,

kinda new at this and wondered who can help!

Im currently on my 7th admission to hosp since april this year, all lasting roughly a week at a time, 3 trips landed me in ITU!

Its really worrying me now though as ive been on prednisolone sincd april, im also on max does symbicort, daily ammonophyline and montilukast pkus ventoline and salbutamoland atrovent nebulusers yet it isnt prevent me from having severe attacks.

Im getting mass amounts of mucus post attacks too which is also annoying!!

Any suggestions in way forward as im on verge of loosing job and fed up with being in hospital now!!

O and last time i done spiromatry it was 5ft 8 and 20 years old, is this good or bad???!!! And my peak flows are struggling to get above 350 when i used to always hit 450, im extremly concerned as docs now running out of ideas for me!!!

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Poor you, Charlie. I'm so sorry to hear that things are so difficult for you at the moment. It's a scary thought to feel that your options are so limited.

Are you treated at one of the specialist centres for difficult asthma? If not, perhaps you could ask your consultant to refer you? I got to the same sort of point as you - lots of hospital admissions despite high-dose Prednisolone, oral Aminophylline, etc., and kept being told that there was nothing more that could be done for me, and that I'd just have to deal with it.

Thankfully, I was then referred to the Royal Brompton, who have given me hope again! I'm still on lots of medications and still have hospital admissions, but there are things that can be done, and we're working on making a plan that suits me.

I hope that things improve for you, and that you can get the medical help and support that you need. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions, or if you just want to have a bit of a rant to someone who understands!




Sorry to hear about all your admissions. Are you under a consultant dealing with difficult asthma cos they will try different combinations of drugs to get you sorted. Not just treat emergencies. Remind them you have ajob and what do they think. get your medicals certificates into your HR so your job is still secure.

Try to relax as Asthma not good if your not. Do they know whats triggering these attacks? speak to the asthma nurse for more proactive advice,etc, etc. Be sure all is not lost. Take care.



Triggers r : hayfever, smoke, sparys, exercise, infections, dairy products, cold air, dry hot humid places! Pretty screwed realy!

Yes under chest specialist, prob is there at 1 hosp and every time i get rushed in, they take me to another hospital coz of the catchment area and how quickly i go down a result, docs dont want to alter anything during emergency admissions coz of being under care of another stupid really!!

With regards to job its a new sickness policy where u can only trigger on a certain number of points within a rolling year and unfortunatly ive triggered a few to many times!!!

Its rather annoying having so many triggers, not being on the right treatment to maintain a 'normal' ish life and having care within two hosps where there they arguing whose best to look after me!!


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