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Virus Alert

OK, there is a virus going around msn.

You will get a link from one of your friends with

his looks alot like you true ? :P

Dont click it whatever you do. Its a virus and will be evil and send to it everyone on your contacts list who is online loads. And Freeze your pc. Not fun. Several of us have been hit by it.

Just a warning.


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Yes we were werent we vicky ;-)

*Blames Emski totally*


*Was not stupid enough to run/save a file for MSDOS!*

I blame Wherrers totally!


ooh thanks for that, I've been MSN ing a lot lately!

I've seen this one sister fell for it!


It was Wherrers fault! She sent it to me in the first place!


Yes, but you were spamming us most of the night vicky :-P...It asked me again if i wanted to run the file this it's still hiding somewere :-s


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