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Hi all

Feeling very very low at the mo. Three weeks ago I sneezed in the night, got up to use the loo as was awake to find that my left leg wouldnt work. The more I tried to move my right leg started to tingle. Sister called an ambulance And I was sent straight for an MRI scan. Results showed that i had broken my back at L5, S1. Was given masive doses of steriod and then sent for emergency surgery.

Woke up 5 days later in the ICU, asthma had kicked up a stink during surgery so had to stay vented. When with it realised i had no feeling in left leg at all, cant move it, cant feel or control bladder or ""other"" end and although can feel touch on right thigh cant move it.

I am used to having to use a wheel chair due to asthma but the thought of never being able to walk again is terrorfying me. I have been transferred now to a spinal unit at salisbury district hospital adn they are great and try to keep you motivated but i just cant seem to snap out of this dark place in my head.

I cant believe all this had happened from a sneeze. I know steriods are a life saver but i HATE what they have done to my body.

sorry just needed to have a moan.


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Ack-I am so sorry that this has happened! I spent 3 weeks In a chair onse and I hated It! Thinking about you!


So sorry to hear about your health problem.

Although I don't know the full details of your injury, speaking from experience of spinal damage I know nerves can take a long while to heal and although things are looking bleak at the moment, they can improve. I have had major spinal surgery to prevent the problems that you speak of, and it is not much fun I know, but now I have a lot of improvement and can walk quite confidently again whereas at one time I thought I never would. All best wishes to you for a good recovery.




P.S. Moan as much as you like - your entitled !!




Hi Ribena,

sorry to hear the steroids have knackered your spine - you are fully entitled to a HUGE Moan!

I hope you get the best care and rehab in Salisbury. I hope all the feeling comes back. ( I bashed my back and mucked up my bladder nerves a few years ago but they have restored themselves)

I am sending all my love and special hugs.





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