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Anyone else have fish as a trigger?

Hi all, Hope everyone's keeping ok.

it's been a while since I posted. My asthma is under good control mostly, have only used my Ventolin about 3 times in the last 2 months and looking to step down meds at my next appointment in a month's time.

Just recently I think I've discovered fish as a trigger. I noticed sometimes that I get mucusy and coughy after eating, but just thought it was food in general, but gradually the lights started to go on, so to speak.

I had fish and salad at a fish and chip restaurant about 3 weeks ago and got mild asthma symptoms, not bad enough to need ventolin, but enough to make me a little uncomfortable for a while. That's when I started to think back and realised that a common factor in getting symptoms after eating was when I have had fish.

So yesterday I had mini fish and chips, and decided to take note of the symptoms. I actually needed 2 puffs of Ventolin. I've just had salmon en croute and salad for my evening meal, and within 5 minutes I'm coughing again and producing mucus. It's starting to settle down now and didn't need ventolin, but I'm guessing as my asthma is so well controlled, the symptoms aren't too bad.

So, while I still have control, I'm going to start experimenting with tuna and prawns and see if I get a similar reaction. I can then mention it at my next review.

I noted with interest on looking at the A-Z of triggers that fish and seafood is mentioned.

Does anyone else have these as a trigger?

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I feel my breathing becomes difficult after eating salmon but i think it may be an allergy to salmon as i can feel my throat tightening and just generally feel a strangeness that is hard to describe



Fish is my main trigger, when I eat any type of fish I get a severe attack and end up having anaphalixis, worth being tested to see what type as mine seems to be all, which is a bummer as I love fish



Just a quick aside there are 2 different sets of triggers in shellfish. You might be able to eat prawns but not oysters or vice-versa.



Thanks guys.

As I don't like shellfish such as cockles, mussels, whelks, oysters, I'll never know if they affect me. It's only fish I like, but haven't dared try any since the last episode.

Def gonna mention it to doc.


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