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Got a cold

Have had a sore throat all week, then yesterday my PF dropped to 310 (around 380-400 is normal for me). Oh-oh, I thought, here we go.

Today, I woke up with a snotty horrible cold, but surprisingly no asthma symptoms other than the reduced PF, which is still low today. Got a persistent very loose cough though, but the cough isn't the same as I get during an attack, so I'm thinking more related to the cold.

Any advice? I guess, just keep a close eye on things?

Hope everyone else is well.

Tracey xx

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This is what my resp nurse said to me when i had a cold, the cough is what happens in everyone asthmatic or non asthmatic, basically your nose runs down back of throat as well as down face (hehe) and then you cough to get it out, so the cough is nothing to do with your asthma, it will take a good two to three weeks for cough to clear up after cold has gone.

If you get your asthma symptoms ring and see your gp.

that was my resp nurse advice when i got a cold!

Drink lots of hot drinks and eat when you feel like it and keep warm!


PF was 210 last night and coughing up lots of mucus and sneezing loads. I got banished to the sofa.

However, no chest tightness, and the cough is not an asthma cough (I've learned to recognise the difference). So, with that low PF (50% of my best ever) I guess I'll just need to keep a close eye on things in case it all goes pear shaped.

Stay well, everyone.


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