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medic alert bracelets

I've just been shopping and popped into NEXT. They are selling these lovely silver charms in lots of designs. I bought a horseshoe and a butterfly and a ladybird and attached them to my medic alert bracelet. Now it has a new lease of life with my snazzy charms on it. Looks more fashionable but still functions as a medical bracelet when necessary!!!!

I wish I'd thought of this before!!!

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I want a penguin for mine!

Hi Karly! How are you doing?



Love the idea am off to custmise now with a few beads etc bracelet is very boring



excellant idea!!!!!!!!!!!! You have really started a trend now!!!!!!!!!!!


hi h9w do u get a mediacal alert braclet xxx


Stick in google there is a web site and they are very helpful on phone too



Hi Kate, I'm fine. stayed out of hosp since July!!! (touch wood!!!)

Didnt see any penguin charms!!! Lots of cute ones though. I wear the medic alert bit on the inside of my wrist and the charms around the other side so it just looks like a normal bracelet. Will obviously turn it towards the front if I'm not feeling well!!!!

Hope everyone has fune accesorizing their bracelets!!!


Medic alert website is as follows




What a good idea Karly. I'm heading off to Next at lunch time today to buy the necessary girly accessorised 'charms' for my boring medic alert bracelet. Wonder if I can find a dolphin charm?

Hope you are OK Karly.




i wonder if instead of buying a whole new bracelet, would it be possible if you could buy a medic alert charm, i only say this as i have a beautiful charm bracelet which i wear already and dont really wanna have to choose between a medic bracelet, my lovely torque bangle my dad gave me or my charm braclet which was given to me for my 18th last year.


When ordering my medic alert braclet- i went into the american site by an accident first and was looking at the bracelets they ahve. they ahve some really cool ones with beaded bands instead of the metal chains and also different colours where ours are red on the logo they ahve baby blue and pink etc. makes them a bit diff from our red and silver colour ones.

just thought would let everyone know.






I don't have a medic alert type one but have an SOS talisman. Its a little capsule with folded up paper in it that you write all your details and next of kin details on. Its amazing just how much you can actually fit on it! You just unscrew it in emergencies and the medics have all your info. It has a snake and staff on the front, SOS on the back and is about the size of a 10 pence piece. I've just attached it to my normal bracelet. I bought it off ebay for about £15, theres loads for sale on there. Its been one of the best purchases I've ever made and paid for itself last summer when I was to ill to communicate! I kind of wiggled it around!

tks xxxxxxx


One of the best sites I have found for alert bracelets is laurenshope.com, although not sure if they ship to UK.



Had not got around to buying an SOS bracelet before - years ago when I looked at them they only did metal ones and I really didn't want one.

Just been on website and seen that they do sterling silver bracelets so have ordered one of those. Like the rest of you I shall have great fun decorating it - I make jewellery anyway so have stacks and stacks of semi precious stone beads I can use. It gives me an excellent excuse to make myself yet another piece of jewellery - at least I can say that this one is necessary for my health. A novel reason LOL.

Thank you for starting this posting - I would not have thought about getting one if you had not.


I've spoken to Medic alert today as I had a few questions and it turns out I can get an ""ID"" sponsored due to limited income!

There is NO way I could of afforded it otherwise!

Get either basic bracelet or necklace!

And am at present trying to get the info together for when I have to call tomorrow and I have to photocopy my benefit letter ready too!

Has anybody actually asked for specific wording on then ever?

Or have you left it to there medical team to decide what info to include on ID?


You can ask for specific wording on your bracelet. I had to decide what to add and what to leave off my bracelet as sometimes only the really important stuff can be included as it wont all fit on!!!

The medical team at Medic Alert seem very helpful when advising you of how to word things. I had an SOS one before. You can get lots of information into it, but the docs and paramedics never bothered to try and open it and kept asking me questions instead. I find the medic alert ones better as you can just turn them over and nobody has to unscrew it and unfold the paper and then try and fit it all back in again (something I always had trouble with!!) I suppose the benefit of SOS bracelt is that you can keep altering the details on the paper inside without buying a new bracelet.

I have put a butterfly and a horseshoe and a ladybirn on my medic alert one. It looks quite fabby but still serves it's function!!!!

Happy accessorizing!!


Ta Karly lol

Guess will see what they advise over wording but one thing I know I need specifcally is ""Brittle Asthma"" as around here if you DONT state that they can take you less seriously than they do if they know you are brittle!

Obviously I need the steroids mentioned and multiple allergies (carrier of Adrenaline) but will see lol

The loverly bloke I spoke to was brilliant and was going to sort it there and then but I couldnt lay my hands on my info just like that lol!

If it hadn't have been for this thread I wouldnt have gone to the website and found the info so THANKS!


I have brittle asthma too and it is important to let the paramedics know that. As well as my SOS talisman bracelet I cary a brief summary of problem, medication etc that I print out as a word document and then trim and laminate. A laminator is not expensive and details are easily updated, reprinted and a new laminated info card made. I just give it to the paramedics and on hospital visits when they ask details of my medication etc it is all written down for the doctor. both doctors and paramedics have said what a good isea it is. Paramedics stil ask questions but ability to answer and to speak is an indicator for them as to how the patient is doing.


Gotta admit I always carry my pf diary which has everything a hossie may need (Im weirdly religous over keeping pf diary upto date as when I go off I go off)!

A+E near me (13/14 miles away) know to search for pf book if I am taken in BUT if I was taken to any other hossie Id be stuck which I guess why the MEdic Allert would be better for me!


Hi Molly,

I also have a Protocol on my computer that I can update and print out - numerous copies - and I keep it folded in an A5 clear folder thingy.

(by bed, in handbag, hosp. bag etc)

Also, Medic Alert have my protocol on file there and can send it to a hospital if needed.

I have the very basics on my large bracelet. Very Usefull.

I found the Talismans a bit of a pain as the seal went and it got soggy, paper got lost, clip got lost, etc etc.



My SOS Talisman got soggy too Kate and I found them quite faffy. Sticking to Medic Alert now I think (with customized charms, of course!!) I have silver figaro bracelet from Medic Alert which is lovely. It only comes in the small disc though so it was a bit of a squeeze with the wording!!


Just thought I'd let you know - I emailed the American ID bracelet store ""Lauren's Hope"" (www.laurenshope.com) about whether they could ship to the UK. They said yes, they frequently ship to Britain! Just order whatever you want and add $5 for overseas postage.

I've had a good look on their website, and their bracelets (not just medical) are really gorgeous, with beads and semi-precious stones, watches, charms etc. They will engrave any medical information you want, so long as it fits on the talisman!

Tempted? I am!



Molly - thank you, excellent idea about laminating. I shall make up a card with a list of my meds and all that kind of thing. I can carry one in my hand bag and at least it won't disintegrate like the list I used to carry.

I love the fact that you can come on this website and pick up useful ideas.






does the stainless steel bracelets have nickel in them? i am allergic to that, and usually when its not real silver or gold i get eczema from it, even if they say there is no nickel in it. Does anyone else have this problem?


I have that problem - especially with ear-rings...they make my ears itchy and bleed.


Hello fellow nickle-allergy sufferers!

I have this problem and I wear the MedicAlert sports bracelet. There is then no metal touching the skin and I've been alright with it. The downsides are: it looks like a sports bracelet, it looks like a watch and people are always asking the time, paramedics don't always recognise it!

For me it was the answer though.


nickel allergy

Medic alert do silver and gold bracelets as well as the stainless steel ones.

I have a nickel allergy and found that the stainless steel one caused a major irritation to my skin but have been fine with the silver one.


I have 1

I have a medic alert pendant, thats alergie coated steel, It has a red Snake on the front of it, and i took it to my local jewlers to get the inscription put into it.

Hope this helped


ps mail me any questions u have about these medic alerts


Thank you for yoru replies, now i know that i shouldnt get the sainless steel ones:)


Sorry didnt get to say this due to the admission but mines on order sponsored by Medical alert (I been asked when I can to send in a small donation of whatever I can afford, to the charity JUST to enable them to help others like me who just cant afford it without their generous help)!

They advised me to go for the large necklet due to the amount of wording I needed but the medical department was excellent and said they are very used to brittle asthmativs REQUESTING that being particulalry stated but he said that it would also include on steroids

anaphlaxis to LATEX and NUTS/NUT TRACES

then also MULTIPLE other anaphlaxis reactions!

Have to get onto them just to add a slight detail to their records that NO-ONE ever tries to give me anything with salbutamol in as it is found now to make me WORSE apparently but not classed as allergy but is advised to avoid obviously!

Thanks again for this thread you have literaly solved a problem for me folks!

(If I have to keep going back correcting fdaft spelling again OI gonna screm!)


i want 1 but there dosent seem to b any i like and i also have to perswade my mum to let me have 1 n shes gtta pay 4 it any tips for perswadion?


Its arrived !!

My medic alert necklace (sponsored) has arrived this morning!

It came in a little velvet effect little pouch!

Got a wallet card and information sheets too!

Kewl I do feel safer now (daft I know but I do)!


I know what you mean. It does make you feel safer. I have a silver bracelet without the red writing so it is quite discreet.

Hope everyone is keeping well.


lol For second time in 10 days I have had to update my medication records with Medic Alert lol

Got the lady today totally confuddled lol

She didnt register that Betamethasone was a steroid tablet lol

When I explained it was replacement steroid for my pred she realised we didnt need to change the necklace disc at all lol

The amount of time I change medications they will soon get fed-up of my phoning to change em!


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