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District Nurses

A district nurse plans to visit me next week. My experience with previous District nurses has been fraught. The 1st one went on leave. Her replacement got involved in a road accident and had to postpone. She arranged a replaced but noone got back in touch.( maybe because I was in and out of hospital- 12 times this year already)

Now finally after nearly a year another one got in touch. How can i make use of this visit? I don't really know what their role is? I was told they spoke to the last District Nurse and also liasied with my respitorary nurse so thats why they are coming out?

I am hoping they will help to minimise my hospital admissions and readmissions. But i might be expecting too much. What have your experiences been like with District nurses?

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district nurses- mystery solved

In fact they are community respiratory nurses and not district nurses they come around to discuss home oxygen therapy and other services. I am so fed up with asthma after spending another 10 days at hospital I wish they just discoved a cure and set us free.......Sorry for the earlier confused message it was probably more a rant.

Luv Gil


hope they give you as much help as you need.

Lots of love Glynis xxx


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