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writing a letter of complaint to somerfeilds

hi all i havent been on here for a while as things seem to be goin well for me. UNTILL :-( i was walking round somerfeilds yesterday and ok i wasnt feeling to good any ways and the weather didnt help at all but half way round i started weezing so thought take my inhalour and i should be ok....... got round somerfields to the check out but still not eased off so i went to sit down on the bench they have there and was there for well over an hr just tryin to get me breath lots of people walked past secrity people workers but they still didnt stop to ask if was ok i ended up taking me inhalour another 2 puffs so that was 4 puffs in an hr which i dont think is good. But now i'm really thinking about writhing a letter of complaint to somerfeilds and ok i didnt end up goin to hosptial or any thing thank god but i still had an asthma attack and was there for over an hr with no one asking me if was ok or not :-(


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