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QVAR dosage

Hi There,

My son has just been shifted across from Beclomatsome 100 (2 puffs twice a day), to QVAR 100 (1 puff twice a day). The pharmacist told me its common practise that dosage is halved when you move across, due to QVAR being more effective.

Has anyone else been moved across successfully? Was your dosage halved?

The reason I ask is that my son has had an asthma flare up since moving across, and I wasn't sure if it was a coincidence.

Thanks in Advance


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I don't have any experience of QVAR but if he's flared up ring to speak with the consultant or whoever changed him over.

We recently changed drugs (3rd time in a year!) and although the puffs reduced significantly the steroid dose increased massively, but it was explained to us well and has worked well.

It could be also, that yoru son just doesn't get on with those drugs.....


Hi there

Without getting too technical, the particles in QVAR are smaller than those in the old beclamethasone inhalers and so are more effectively absorbed in the lungs (or something like that) so as your pharmacist said, the dose can be halved on paper, but the same amount of drug is being absorbed as previously, just more economically. Hope this makes sense?

If you are worried though, do see your GP: it may be a coincidental flare up or it may be something else.

Hope this helps



hey i used to be on quvar and they half the dose because quvar is strong( one 100mg dose of quvar is equal to 200 mg of Beclomatsome) but has less particles so more or less your child is taking the same dose but with a different brand name and different particles. i did change and it was succesful but my asthma has eclated no one knows why but everyones asthma is different so don't worry your doctor will not pick the wrong treatment for your son and it takes a few weeks for quvar to kick in, i had a flare up too when i started it but it should kick in soon and help your son get better

best wishes

Amy xxx


Thanks for your responses everyone. Have got an appointment with his consultant later today - so will discuss it then.


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