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Very dry, sore lips

I have very very dry, sore and cracked lips - on several occasions now I've woken up with blood on them - it's especially bad at the corners and very uncomfortable. It's not dehydration I don't think - in fact I'm drinking more because it makes me feel like I'm dehydrated.

I'm pretty sure that this is a side effect of the Buccastem I'm taking for anti-dizziness; didn't have it before but now I'm on my third set side effects are kicking in. I think it's them because this problem got a bit better when I had a gap between the second and third sets then came back once I started the third set.

Has anyone else had this problem with any meds and have any suggestions of how to help it? My mum suggested Vaseline but I'm not sure if I should use that when the skin is actually broken and bleeding a bit. Any suggestions would be welcome as it's really uncomfortable!

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I use vaseline, it's fine on broken lips and really helps to sooth them and heal them. There's also something I can't remember the name of that comes in a little blue tube with a red lid that works really well short term on badly chapped lips (sorry, not very helpful - someone else might know the name!)

Oh, with the vaseline, don't use it if you need oxygen - flammable and all that!


Cheers Ratty, I'll break out the Vaseline then! No worries about the oxygen, I am luckily nowhere near that stage right now.


I get eczema on my lips so its a bit different. My skin doesn't like vaseline (sp?), I use Holland & Barretts Vitamin E lipsalve. Its not cheap but I'm not allergic to it and it has a sunscreen (if anyone else can't take vaseline and uses something else, please let me know :) ).

When my lips are sore, and not needing any antibiotics, I use tea tree oil lipsalve (much to the disgust of my GP - doesn't go well with eczema). Also Cymex is good, similar to blistex but doesn't dry out my lips as much.

It might be worth showing your lips to the GP. Could be you need antibiotic cream or something else to help calm things down.

I hope they calm down soon, its surprising just how much hassle sore lips can give!


Thanks :) Eczema sounds nasty, glad you've found something to kind of control that. WIll look into those suggestions if the vaseline doesn't do the trick.

I am 99% sure this is related to the dizziness medication though. I think I'm going to try the vaseline for now (I have one with aloe vera which actually smells nice - I don't like the smell of the original one). The other alternative is to ask for some different medication for the dizziness, but I am reluctant to spend yet more time at the GP even if he is good, plus I know this one works for the dizziness.

I might wait until this third lot runs out, when I will have to go back to get more, then will mention it. tbh if I am STILL dizzy at that point I wonder if I shouldn't be asking them to do something more - I asked last time but even star GP doesn't seem concerned or want to get to the bottom of it - which is good I guess but a bit odd. Would prefer no more diagnostic mysteries...but then he seems to enjoy them, so maybe now I've got one out of the way he'll be more willing to think about the other one.


I get like that soon i always put it down to sleeping with mouth open!!

I use burt bee's Wax.....when it spilts as Nivea SOS stings!


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