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A few questions for you lovely people to answer, please!

<removed after consultation with Webeditor - ALL research requests have to be verified by Asthma UK, as per the message board terms and conditions.>

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1. When I have been in before I have had the admissions ward refuse to look for and then blatantly ignore the treatment protocol that has been written up by my consultant. This resulted in a repeat admission a couple of days after discharge due to inappropriate care the first time around. I have also had drugs written up which is it stated that I am allergic to.

2. I find for the most part hospital doctors are overly focussed on what the numbers are telling them rather on how I am feeling. I have found often that I am keen to go home or not come in in the first place and if peak flow/ spiro is low they will pester me to stay in despite me feeling ok. My GP is very good though and tends to document a far more accurate picture.

3. Depends who I see. For Xolair I have to fill in quality of life questionnaires on a reasonably regular basis and they just give me the forms to fill in so that it doesnt take up huge amounts of the appointment. With regards to GP filling forms in she tends to go through the form after we have talked. In particular the asthma questionnaire thing that they have to fill in is often done as an after thought as the questions often dont apply to me.

4. I think in some respects keeping records is a good thing. For example it means that when my doctor is away and I see a different one they are able to gain a picture of my asthma before they meet me. I find that those who havent bothered to read my records are far more easily panicked. Although I do find that other members of staff in the practise have clearly had a look through me records, something I do not feel they should be able to do. Sometimes I think they document thhings that arent necessarily relevant to the consultation or that could negatively influence others treating me. For example an asthma nurse at the student health centre put notes about me being non-compliant with having my chest listened to and doing my peak flow whicH I felt had a negative impact on how other drs then treated me.


Anyone else? Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)


1. No

2.Yes, and something I see and get to comment on if I feel the need to with both GP and Nurse

3.Never see anyone with forms, if they did then it could be a good thing so they don't miss something, but also they could miss something thats not on the form, good old intuition and knowledgeable staff are the key.

4.Yes, and the introduction of the 'healthspace' accounts will allow us as patients to check and ask for things to be added to it, but also our important medical details are available to all hospitals in the country incase we need admitting for any reason.


'bump' anyone else pleaseeeeee.

thank you for you answers woody and wherrers :)


hello clare. I will help you and answer your questions. know let me think!!!!

1) Hvant really had the wrong treatment as such but often drs dont fully understand the extent of my aspirin allergy and jsut write aspirin allergy makes asthma worse but then it is a fight to get the right diet as they dont specify that the allergy extends to food and have then been made to eat things sometimes.

2) my dr is pretty good at righting down how i feel on the day and what the numbers say. sometimes opther drs reply too much on numbers and not enough on how you feel. often number maybe ok but your not feeling great and this can be a predictor of things about to go downhill which has happened a few times.

3) yes sometimes they want information to fit the forms and often what you tell them they think is not relvent to the question and miss out vital information. forms are jsut a pain in the neck anyway!!! but yes people do spend more time focusing on the form and not you!

4) i think keeping reocrds are a good thing but sometimes conditions change and drs miss things as there is so much infomartion for people to read sometimes so they miss changes perhap. Often drs will read the first bit of notes then the most current and miss the middle. I think maybe in notes etc there should be a bit of how the patient feels despite what the numbers say. i think it is confidentil pretty much but so mnay people do read them so you dont know who knows what!

hope this helps

ol x


1. Nope i've always been lucky that the doctors have read my notes and assessed my situatuin properly

2. As said earlier sometimes numbers are focused on a little too much which means you don't get the full care or you get too much. Sometimes on ward rounds my notes havent been written up properly which has meant the next days dr hasn't known whether i've made an improvement/deteriaration.

3. Not really, a couple of clinical studies have had a LOT of forms to do but they've always made an extra appt with the resp nurse to do these in.

4. I think its good most of the time however sometimes doctors just rely on them completley and also take into account other things. For example one time because im also under the care of CAMHS (though for a completley unrelated matter) a doctor automatically thought it was psycological which delayed the treatment and may me get worse than i was. It can also work the other way though, ive had times when they havent really assesed me properly looked at my notes and given me a lot of drugs which i didnt really need. So in short sometimes they dont assess you proprly and just go on notes

Hope that helps!


REMOVED!!! its only for an assignment, wtf! how pathetic its only a few questions!


Sorry, Clare, but the message board terms and conditions are very clear on this - no research requests of ANY kind are allowed without prior permission from Asthma UK. You can always email webeditor@asthma.org.uk with the questions and see if they grant you permission to repost them.


to be honest I didn't see a problem with the questions. they were not posted by any official or pharmaceutical establishment but by a fellow user of the site who wanted some input from other users on how they feel they've been treated.


There were no problems with the questions per se, but rules are rules. If they'd just been regular queries, the kind that are posted on here all the time, then no problems. But Clare specifically pointed out that they were research questions, and that's why Webeditor noticed them.


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