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inhaler help needed

hi everyone i'm having problems giving my son his inhaler as i have very weak hands and finding it hard to push the top of his inhaler down and at the moment he is having 9 puffs every 3-4 hours.which is making my problem very there anything i could use to help me.tyler is to young for a autohaler or easi breath type as he is only 3

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I think There is something Called a Halairaid? It is Like a handle that you pull and It pushes the canister down. Saw it on The leaflet for Ventolin. I think You canget it Over the counter but not so sure.

Hope this Helps




do you think i can get it on script?


i have this Haleraid and a Turboaid as i have also a problem with my hands (inflamed joints) i could not get it on the nhs and paid £1.20 for mine from the internet. i got the Turboaid from chemist who ordered it through the manufacturer.


which websit did you use to get a haleraid


Hi tys mum,

I've checked and Haleraids are definately not available to be prescribed, but your pharmacy can order one for you direct from Allen and Hanburys, or you can buy them on-line. There is also a Turboaid available from Astra Zeneca for turbohalers.

There is some info on them on AUK here:

They can be bought on-line for £1.20 here:

Hope this helps

Em H


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