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Realy fed up


Just a question for anybody, I have suffered with brittle asthma for quite a few years, I am lots of the maximum mediation, nebs, daily steriods, inections every fortnight, peak flow is rubbish at the moment. Yesterday I called the dr in the morning by the time he came the wheezing and tighten had subsided, and then in the evening had to call an ambulance because I could not breath, got to hospital peak flow was not good, at home i could not even register a measurment so it was a little better, sats were back up to 97 butmy chest was very tight and a little wheeze. My problem is that I seem to recover quite quickly. I was sent home only to be told to go to GP to get checked this morning. I feel totally exhausted, andwas wondering if anyone else on this site ever has the same sort of problem. Thanks

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Sorry to hear youve had it a bit rough. Hope you are feeling a little better now?

I can have moments where i go through what you say, and i do lots of nebs at home before i head into a and e. Think this is through stubborness though. I tend to go to hossie when ive hit about 10 nebs and increase my steroids and if its evening ill go as i know ill get worse overnight.

Ive never been sent home though once i rock up...always kept in for min 24hours if not just for obs.

Sorry if this doesnt help much.

Was your GP helpful??



once i was taken by the paramedics from school to a and e, released in the afternoon, and had to go back in that evening! but now that this has happened once, theyre a lot more careful and always keep me in at least 24hours. make sure you let your docs know the difficulties and frustrations youre experiencing, so that hopefully they will respond more effectively for you next time.

Rose xxx


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