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advice needed on serevent evohaler salmeterol

hi people im newly dx with asthma and have been put on one of three inhalers, one called salmeterol. My question is that my gp said i can take 10 inhales and this is equivelent to being on a neb does anyone else have any more info on this and has anyone ever used this inhaler in this way. I have a spacer(plastic tube, spacer) to puff the inhaler into,do i inhale one inhale at a time or puff all 10 into the spacer at once then inhale, obviously i will only use the inhaler this way if i feel i need to be on a neb, otherwise the instructions are two puffs twice a day. Thankyou for your help and i look forward to getting to know you all. Donna

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Hello Donna,

serevent or Salmeterol (Green inhaler) is a long acting reliever and should only be taken twice a day as you have been directed. It should not be used in an attack as far as I am aware. I think you may be confusing it with Ventolin (Sambutamol) the blue reliever inhaler which can be used during an accute attack in the method you have described. Use one puff at a time and do it slowly, dont' stick 10 puffs in all at once - it will make you cough! Do this 10 times.

I assume the other inhalers you have are a blue one and a steroid one.

Only the Blue one can help when you are having an attack. the others are preventers and protectors and should be taken regularly every day to help keep the inflamation down ( the steroid one does that) and to help keep the airways open - bit like pit props ( Serevent / Salmeterol)

If you are still unsure about what your GP has said, please go back to them, the asthma nurse at your GPs or phone the Asthma UK help line - they are very helpful.

Hope this helps!




dear kate , thank you for your quick reply. i am on the brown inhaler clenil beclometasone 200mcg 2 doses twice a day, and the ventolin inhaler 2 puffs when required. i will take onboard what you have said and maybe ring my asthma nurse again to clarify things. Thank you very much for your help, Hope you are well



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