How do you deal with the rib aches?

All day I've had an ache in my ribs when I exhale. My peak flows are pretty good (especially considering it's kinda painful to do at the moment) and symptoms have been alright apart from when I accidentally ate something I shouldn't but ventolin soon fixed that. Yesterday I woke up with the mother of all migraines, which I'm putting down to chronic sleep deprivation from nocturnal asthma, so I'm assuming the rib pain is a combination of last nights coughing fit, teamed with the vomiting from the migraine. Has anyone found anything that helps with the aches? I guess I mostly wanted a moan really as I'm feeling kinda sorry for myself, but any advice anyone could offer would be gratefully received. Cheers!

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  • aches and pulled muscles

    hi. I've pulled a muscle in my shoulder blade due to coughing. When you cough you use all kinds of muscles you would not normally use so guess at risk of pulling them. I've pulled ones in my side before now which hurt when breathing in or out. So common side effect.

  • Aww! Hope you feel better soon! I just become grumpy and unpleasant and expect vast amounts of sympathy :) I do find when I'm on antiinfalmitories anyway that they tend to hurt a little less, might be a coincident but u could ask ur doc and see! X

  • Gettimg into a comfortable position and don't move. Plenty of illows at my side and hug a pillow to cough. If up walking case of grin and bearing it. Plus hot water bottle if I'm miserable !!!!

  • Gettimg into a comfortable position and don't move. Plenty of pillows at my side and hug a pillow to cough. If up walking case of grin and bearing it. Plus hot water bottle if I'm miserable !!!!

  • There with you on rib ache. I'd the migraine yesterday too, after coughing all night. Took a nurofen-migraine tablet which didn't help my headache one bit.

    Good idea gussypoo on hanging on to a cushion.

  • i get terrible aches in my ribs and behind my breast bone which i was told is prob inflamation after having asthma attack and chest infections. i take strong painkillers prescribed by the doctor and was shown a way to cough without it killing by a physio-i fold a long towel length ways and hold it aroung my ribs very firmly when coughing. it helps to support the ribs and really does help. hope this works for you x

  • I pulled a muscle recently and was in agony despite my high pain threshold. Took strong painkillers but not whilst at work as they make me drowsy.

    The towel method is great but my cough comes on too fast to be able to do that so I've been crossing my arms and so place each hand on the side of the ribs. Probably looks stupid especially when outside but good support for ribs!

    I also used Piroxicam gel which is a great painkilling cream;-)

    hope your pain eases off soon.

    Love Lydia xx

  • Thanks everyone!

    Thanks everyone for your replies, I'm feeling much better (it only hurts when I laugh now, with makes me laugh more, much to the amusement of my fiancé) and the doctor upped my symbicort to reign in the asthma so hopefully I'll get some quality sleep soon.

  • I have one of those long wheat filled bags that you warm in the microwave. No good for preventing rib ache, but soothing once you have it.

  • This is what I do! Symbicort has been my miracle-drug but this January I have been very poorly with a bad cough and upper resp infection and my ribs and shoulder blades ache like nothing else. Hot water bottle or long wheat bag and lots of rest/sleep.

  • I was recently told by a doctor to try not to cough so hard when I have an attack! I'll try to remember that when I'm struggling for breath.

  • I'm deeply sympathetic to you I had a fall at work on friday hit the floor on my side , so im heavily bruised on my side (down side of rib cage also) which is very painfull especially to cough so i'll be taking a few tips from you guys thanks x

  • might be useful-little tip that i was shown-when you have a really bad cough and its in between phelgm coming up and not coming up i take a a breath in through my nose and slowly let it out through my mouth, this is done twice and then take a really really big breath in through the nose then cough-much more productive and doesnt hurt so much -hope this helps x

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