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School Asthma Policy's

I have had asthma for almost 20 years now and when i was at school i was aloud to bring my inhalers to school and use them but My nephew who is 8 years old also has asthma but his school has a policy which says he isn't aloud to bring is inhalers to school with him I for one thing this is soooo very wrong, an inhaler can save a life! Mine has saved my life an if i had not been able to bring my inhaler to school with me I really don't think i would be here now!!

The School I work for as a manager of an after school club lets children bring there inhalers and carry them too and the school is in the same city as my nephews school THIS IS SOOO VERY WRONG!! Each school under the same council should have the same policy!!

The council who also over see's me club says i have to have a policy for asthmatics and that i have to let them carry the inhalers or i can look after them as long as its safe and has easy access too!!

But yet a school where each child is there ALL DAY LONG doesn't want an inhaler in school


Does anyone else have this problem too?

Kirstie In YORK

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Hi I also find it very concerning that a school doesn't have an asthma policy in place. Teachernet says in its guidance that 'Schools and their employers should have policies on managing pupils' medicines and on supporting pupils with medical needs.' I note the word 'should' so I assume this means they dont have to have one. Is there a school nurse at the school in question? I would speak to them or if not then the parents need to speak to the head teacher about their concerns. Do the school keep the inhaler's for the children in the building instead of letting them carry them round? I know my daughters school kept an up to date inhaler for her & I advised them as to when she was likely to need it (ie before/during PE) but she only had to ask for it any other time she felt it was required. I can totally understand you all needing peace of mind on this one as it so important. Hope you get some answers.



At the school i work at the inhalers are in named bags in mi room for infants and action plans for bad asthmatics.Older juniors can save their own.x


My kids school keeps all meds in the office. .. not sure I agree with that, but they are allowed to leave class as needed to get them.

Not sure if upper school are allowed to keep their inhalers on them. But the school does ask that ALL asthmatics have inhalers stored at school.




hi there i think its disgrceful your child nae allowed inhalers at school, my daughter had a protocol had inhalers medicine and epipen at school, sadly she passed away in sept this year at home of acute asthma attack, it is soo wrong that inhalers arent allowed at schol with children, asthma is soo common these days and life threatning why dont non asthmatics ignorant peeps realise that. its too late for my kiera and other kids who have died at school without their medication, kiera was 11 never had an asthma attack she had exzema AND Allergies also her death was soo sudden and unexpected. it makes me angry how folk take it for granted something must be done. kieras mumaxxxxx


My son's old primary school kept all inhalers/meds in the school office and he could go in to use his inhaler any time. Then they were moved to a locked cupboard in a new First Aid room. Because a rather forward 6yr old managed to gain access on his own (came out with his bottle of tablets in his hand!) the door to the room was then locked!

By the time the meds had moved out of the school office, my son was in his last year and they let him keep his inhaler with him. But they said they shouldnt really and it was only because I pushed for it and they knew how ill he could be. He carries his inhaler and other meds with him at secondary school, no problem.


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