From the Department of Unhelpful Comments... warning, rant alert!

Comment from friend who also has a chronic illness (not asthma) when I was saying how much I miss work.

Friend: 'Well of course I HAVE to work, I can't afford not to so I just MAKE myself.'

Well, I'm sorry, but the last time I 'made myself' go back to work, in June, after three days I ended up on ITU on non-invasive ventilation. Not really sure how choice comes into that one... (or perhaps I should be 'making myself' not have respiratory failure, nice trick if you can do it)

As for not being able to afford not to, well it ain't a barrel of laughs money-wise over here either, with husband a full time student...

Okay, I feel better now.

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  • Hi EmilyH, thats the last thing you probably need to hear. I've no words of wisdom to help you, but chin up and try not to worry. x

  • With friends like that....!

    Nuff said...!

  • Shows how little people understand about chronic and severe adsthma. I know i am fortunate in still being able to go to work. Thinking of you Emily. Glad you are able to rant here aand not worry about what others might think.

    Ange xx

  • what a nice friend!!!

  • Some friends have absolutely no compassion unless they are faced with the exact same situation. I hope it helps you to get this off your chest. That's what is so good about here, you know that people understand how you feel.


  • grrr some people really know how to help, not.

    big hugs


  • some people are so Naive!



  • hmmmmmmmmmmmmm...i think that sums it up!

  • And you call them a friend because?....

    Thinking of you emily, sorry you've had to deal with comments like that, not nice.

    take care


  • Thank you everyone for your support, it does make a difference. People just don't get it sometimes... but I know that you guys will!

    Take care all

    Em H

  • friend hey?? Don't think so! I'd ignore her - she obviously has no idea what you go throguh or she'd soon shut up!

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