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From the Department of Unhelpful Comments... warning, rant alert!

Comment from friend who also has a chronic illness (not asthma) when I was saying how much I miss work.

Friend: 'Well of course I HAVE to work, I can't afford not to so I just MAKE myself.'

Well, I'm sorry, but the last time I 'made myself' go back to work, in June, after three days I ended up on ITU on non-invasive ventilation. Not really sure how choice comes into that one... (or perhaps I should be 'making myself' not have respiratory failure, nice trick if you can do it)

As for not being able to afford not to, well it ain't a barrel of laughs money-wise over here either, with husband a full time student...

Okay, I feel better now.

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Hi EmilyH, thats the last thing you probably need to hear. I've no words of wisdom to help you, but chin up and try not to worry. x


With friends like that....!

Nuff said...!


Shows how little people understand about chronic and severe adsthma. I know i am fortunate in still being able to go to work. Thinking of you Emily. Glad you are able to rant here aand not worry about what others might think.

Ange xx


what a nice friend!!!


Some friends have absolutely no compassion unless they are faced with the exact same situation. I hope it helps you to get this off your chest. That's what is so good about here, you know that people understand how you feel.



grrr some people really know how to help, not.

big hugs



some people are so Naive!




hmmmmmmmmmmmmm...i think that sums it up!


And you call them a friend because?....

Thinking of you emily, sorry you've had to deal with comments like that, not nice.

take care



Thank you everyone for your support, it does make a difference. People just don't get it sometimes... but I know that you guys will!

Take care all

Em H


friend hey?? Don't think so! I'd ignore her - she obviously has no idea what you go throguh or she'd soon shut up!


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